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A legal drama following attorneys from opposite sides of a big case who get involved with each other outside of the courtroom.

When a female litigator from Chicago faces off with a male lawyer from South Carolina in a contentious police sex scandal, they can't help but find a strong mutual attraction that brings them together outside of the courtroom.

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Theresa Coleman
Posted 03/30/17 at 03:41:42

Netflix should try to pick this show up, and run with it! They've had such good luck with their new series'that I'm certain they could pick it up where it left off, and make it another "House of Cards!"
Posted 03/09/16 at 11:44:24

I absolutely loved Reckless. CBS should really bring the show back. Even if its just a release on Netflix or Hulu. I am very disappointed. :(
Posted 02/12/16 at 23:33:21

Reckless is a great show. Please bring it back.really enjoy reckless.
Posted 11/17/15 at 10:24:48

It was very off putting that Jaime looked like a 15 year old girl.
Posted 10/23/15 at 23:20:42

Reckless was awesome. I went to see if there was a second season or when the second season started and was shocked that the show had been cancelled. Class, sophistication, and southern charm. Great combo, why ever would the show be cancelled?
Posted 09/20/15 at 12:29:57

Just watched reckless on Netflix. great show!! Why was it cancelled? So stupid to cancel shows that people seemed to really like
Kim Amann
Posted 07/10/15 at 21:03:19

I can't believe Reckless is cancelled, I kept looking for it to return! why when a show is so good, do the networks not let it at least be on long enough for it to find an audience base? It was a very well written and acted show! I hope somehow someway this show comes back!
Posted 06/02/15 at 18:03:03

Please bring back Reckless
Posted 03/08/15 at 17:37:05

I've just discovered RECKLESS on Netflix this weekend & find out there will be no season 2???? tell me this ain't so!! :) oh... I'm loving this show. Please bring it back!
Lynn Steiger
Posted 03/08/15 at 00:22:21

Please bring back Reckless both my husband and I really enjoyed the show. The actors and story line was great. I was looking forward to another season.

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Genre: Drama / Legal

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Cam Gigandet (Roy)
Anna Wood (Jamie)
Georgina Haig (Lee Anne)
Shawn Hatosy (Terry)
Michael Gladis (Holland)
Gregory Harrison (Dec)
Kim Wayans (Vi)
Adam Rodriguez (Preston)