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A drama following a group of teenagers who meet as patients in a hospital pediatric ward.

Based on the award-winning Spanish series "Polseres Vermelles," this unconventional and provocative high school drama follows a group of young patients in the pediatric ward of Ocean Park Hospital in Los Angeles.

As its young patients confront questions of life and death which nobody at that age should be faced with, a kinship based on these shared experiences is created among them – a lasting bond represented by the red hospital bands issued to them upon admittance.

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Posted 08/05/17 at 10:26:18

This show about these sick kids gave the kids at the hospital I volunteered at HOPE. These kids would sometimes sit around and watch this show together.. they really should bring it back.. Sometimes the numbers aren't big but the people it matters too is huge, but it seems like no one sees it or cares about it.. Please bring it back or at least put it on another
Posted 04/28/16 at 08:08:51

I remember all the hype for the show. The radio saying it was the best show of 2014. TV saying how critics loved it to no end. Then once again Fox comes along and kills it. Another great show down the drain
Posted 03/15/15 at 20:28:50

I'm devastated by this to hear I won't be jumping out of bed the morning after this show (we DVR) grabbing my coffee and curling up in the LaZBoy and not moving for the entire show! So sad we have to endure YEARS of stupid shows with the Kardashian family, Teen Mom's being given "5 minutes of fame" so that their friends want to be "famous & pregnant". A show that deals with REAL life, for the most part, an amazing cast, and THAT gets canceled? WOW!! I guess the team that decided this are so bright...maybe we should elect them for president?!
Posted 03/12/15 at 20:30:41

Leh it did have somewhere to go, it could have just followed the story line of season 2 of the orginal Catalan version Polseres Vermelles and the Italian version Braccialetti Rossi. The show could have definitely kept going.
Posted 02/18/15 at 20:23:54

After seeing the last show, I see why fox cancelled it. The storyline had nowhere to go.
Posted 02/13/15 at 17:51:56

Another bad network decision, that was a great show.
Posted 02/03/15 at 16:34:47

called it.
Posted 01/14/15 at 22:48:17

Posted 12/10/14 at 18:04:23

Couldn't believe this show wasn't on tonight. My family loves it. We count down the time for it to start on Wednesday night. Please bring it back. So disappointed :(
Posted 11/28/14 at 07:41:02

This show should not be cancelled. The characters that Octavia Spencer and Dave Annable play are the best, and the kids give an insight of life with a terminal illness is like as they get to know and deal with others around them. And Charlie's narration adds to it all in a great way. I didn't catch the first few weeks, but our family looks forward to watching it every week now and wouldn't miss it. Quality show, quality actors---don't cancel it please. There are so few shows worth watching on TV these days. This is one of them!

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Genre: Drama

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Octavia Spencer (Nurse Jackson)
Griffin Gluck (Charlie)
Nolan Sotillo (Jordi)
Charlie Rowe (Leo)
Dave Annable (Jack)
Rebecca Rittenhouse (Brittany)
Brian Bradley (Dash)
Ciara Bravo (Emma)
Zoe Levin (Kara)