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Network: ABC

A mystery drama following the residents of a small town whose deceased loved ones start to return from the dead, not having aged since their deaths.

A young American boy named Jacob suddenly wakes up in rural China with no clue as to how he got there. When he remembers his hometown is Arcadia, Missouri, an immigration agent is assigned to take him back home.

The home he recalls as his own is now occupied by an elderly couple, who had lost their son over 30 years ago. While they look different, Jacob recognizes them as his parents. While friends of the family try to understand this mystery, the young boy is aware of secrets about his own death that nobody else knows.

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Posted 04/02/16 at 07:35:32

Why is it every show I like gets cancelled and in the middle just when its getting good! There should be a law no cancelling a show in the middle it must have and ending grrrrrr!!!!!!!!
Posted 10/17/15 at 07:46:54

Honestly people, ABC, CBS NBC... the executives have the attention span of 3 year olds, their audiences are now made up of sheeple, and dolts who enjoy staged/contrived reality shows and spin off after spin off.. ncsi pluto. When a half way decent show comes along, the low IQ low attention span sheeple can't sit long enough to let the plot develop and turn it off.. The good shows nowdays are on cable. Public medaia outlets have shoot themselves in the foot too many times. I don't bother watching new shows any more until they have been on for a few seasons because I am tired of MSM execs cutting off good shows midstream. HEY NBC, CBS ABC tired of watching your revenues going off to hbo, star cinemax and cable yet? You reap what ye have sewn.
Posted 10/09/15 at 16:18:27

I LOVED Resurrection. Notice that I said lovED.( as in the past ) because it's cancelled. They leave us here with that stupid cliff hanger about what will happen next. Like seriously, be considerate of other people. WE WANT THE SHOW BACK!!! That's so pathetic and messed up.
Posted 10/06/15 at 04:24:34

Honestly it's not worth investing time in a show anymore. These networks now are nothing more than money grubbing creeps who throw trash TV at em "reality" shows, and don't take the time to develop CREATIVE shows THAT LAST. So done!
Just someone
Posted 10/01/15 at 09:34:06

I love this show and Omar Epps is awesome (and hot!)
Posted 08/28/15 at 00:00:18

Don't cancel Resurrection and leave viewers hanging without explainations. That's cruel and inconsiderate of those who where loyal! I won't watch your future new shows if that's how you treat viewers!!
Posted 08/18/15 at 15:43:29

As with this show and "The Returned" which I loved both, they come to an end before its time: but my main question is "Why did they all come back in the first place and how did they re-live?"
Posted 06/24/15 at 20:12:53

Ohh Annemarie. How the tables have turned, eh?
Posted 06/22/15 at 18:18:02

How about your get over yourSELF, annamarie? You bossy little trollop.
Posted 05/25/15 at 08:26:53

guys get over it...the show is over. a and e has a show called the returned. it is almost as good with even m ore unanswered questions..but the little boy seems to be evil. it is still running. there are only one or two recognizeable actors,but the story line is good, its just a little dragged on..but not that bad.

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Genre: Drama

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Omar Epps (Marty)
Frances Fisher (Lucille)
Kurtwood Smith (Henry)
Matt Craven (Fred)
Devin Kelley (Maggie)
Mark Hildreth (Tom)
Samaire Armstrong (Elaine)
Sam Hazeldine (Caleb)
Landon Gimenez (Jacob)
Nicholas Gonzalez (Connor)
Kevin Sizemore (Gary)