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Network: Fox

A comedy improv series where regular players and celebrity guests compete in various challenges.

There are non-stop laughs in this improv series, where Australian comedian Rove McManus joins a group of regular players plus weekly celebrity guests in a series of showdowns that will test both the mind and body.

Players are forced to think on the fly when faced with challenges in song, dance and sketches - which often take place on the show's unique set which is angled at a 22 degrees.

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Comments (5)

Posted 06/18/14 at 06:50:44

FOX is cancelling shows before I even get a chance to know of its existence lol
Posted 06/13/14 at 00:55:25

good FOX good
Posted 06/12/14 at 19:48:04

I wanted to like it. The original Who's Line was one of my favorites. This just didn't do it for me.
Posted 06/04/14 at 15:55:14

I really like this show. It would be most enjoyed by people who have watched and/or liked "Whose Line is it Anyway?".
Posted 05/28/14 at 06:06:56

This "show" has not one redeeming quality. It makes me weep to think of this being someone's "Favorite" show.

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