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Sep 22, 2014 - Apr 16, 2018






Walter - Elyes GabelPaige - Katharine McPheeToby - Eddie Kaye ThomasHappy - Jadyn WongSylvester - Ari StidhamCabe - Robert Patrick

A drama following a genius who works with others like him to solve some of the world's most complex problems.

Walter O'Brien is an eccentric genius who employs the help of a network of geeky prodigies as part of a tactical Homeland Security think tank. Together they use their combined talents to find solutions to complex, modern age threats facing the nation.

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Myrna Parker
10/03/18 at 08:25am

NBC,CBS are the worse Networks for cancelling good shows. The Producers of a lot of these cancelled shows should air Their Programs on channels like "AMC.FOX.USA, A&E, etc because the networks are usually Politically Left ergo "Last Man Standing".
08/10/18 at 10:46am

where can I go to find out why a show was cancelled
Barry Watt
07/27/18 at 04:28pm

One of my regular shows. Just finding out it's been cancelled as I felt I waited for a long time between what would seem like time for a new season only there's none. Sad to see it go. I actually enjoyed this program.
just someonE
07/27/18 at 10:40am

@Locke... I couldn't agree more... I'm a very logical person. I like SOME sense of plausibility in a show. JUST SOME... I watched faithfully for 2-1/2 seasons and when I saw Cabe rappelling off a cliff in a full suit and tie I was like, "ok that's it....". I stopped watching and really haven't watched since. Maybe since it was cancelled I'll find it online somewhere just to catch up to see how ralph has grown and how close walter and paige got. and If Happy ever got pregnant and had a baby..
07/22/18 at 08:09pm

For some reason I couldn't stop watching this show even though it was just incredibly ridiculous. Clearly a case where a few actors managed to be compelling enough to make you look past dreadful material. I felt so bad for the awful writing the cast had to deliver. I'm betting even the kids knew I questioned the warm garbage that was the script. I've not seen anything else Elyes Gabel has been in to know, whether it was entirely the writing & directing or he is really as bad as he seemed. Katharine McPhee probably deserves an award - the fact that this show stayed on as long as it did is a tribute to how compelling she is.
06/23/18 at 04:08pm

Mary Duff
06/20/18 at 05:57am

So sad to see this show end. A great show that I always look forward to watching.
06/09/18 at 10:19pm

We're DONE WITH CBS, ABC NBC FOX you always cancel the good shows, and keep the crap reality shows!! Please bring back
06/01/18 at 01:18pm

Doesn't the network listen to what the fans want. Bring Scorpion back and at least finish all of the story lines. With so many other options, we don't have to watch a station that doesn't care what the viewers want.
05/31/18 at 05:53pm

You people are not right in the head. You cancel all the good stuff like Scorpion and Code Black and leave the crap on. I think I will just switch to another channel.

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