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A drama following a genius who works with others like him to solve some of the world's most complex problems.

Walter O'Brien is an eccentric genius who employs the help of a network of geeky prodigies as part of a tactical Homeland Security think tank. Together they use their combined talents to find solutions to complex, modern age threats facing the nation.

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Posted 03/21/17 at 16:30:35

I love this show, Sly is my favorite, being afraid of everything cracks me up. Not much a fan of Walters, the love crap between him and Paige was not needed we have Toby and Happy as a couple, please do not put Paige back with Walter, bring back Tim, I liked him.
Posted 03/21/17 at 16:27:58

Scorpion is not on Fridays, it airs on Mondays.
A Brpwm
Posted 01/20/17 at 12:53:01

Loved the first season. Walter was kind and vulnerable, now is is down right mean and surly. Was my favorite, now you can cancel, don't care.
Posted 01/04/17 at 13:54:22

Those of you who are making comments about the non-adult level of "reality" in this show haven't yet figured out it's aimed, primarily, at the youngster set. It airs on Friday night at 8PM, which is family hour, and depicts young adult, intelligent geeks. The storyline is simplistic--the Scorpion crew always saves the day, so there's always a happy ending.
If you're looking for adult level entertainment, this isn't close to what a grown adult would want to watch unless they have younger children. It's pretty good for who and what it is directed at--families with younger children, probably from 8 years to around 13 years of age.
If this show was a movie it would be rated G. Those of you looking for a PG show won't find that here.
Posted 11/21/16 at 21:46:09

This is a great show that my husband and I are both hooked on keeping up with. He deals with a lot of the same issues and advancements that many of the individuals in this group deal with (superior intellect, high anxiety, advanced mechanical knowledge, etc), so it's fun for us to get to enjoy this show together for an hour.
Posted 10/27/16 at 16:20:04

As always Hollywood RUINS EVERYTHING ! The addition of Happy being pregnant in the show has ruined the dynamic of the show with a needless and idiotic decision from some hack showrunner who thought this was a great idea. Well its not. Rhe show is barely watchable now. Toby was already painfully moronic most of the time but now his constant hand holding of Happy is a huge distraction to the viewer. They already had the love interest plot line, they did not need to added an additional one.
This show will be, and if not, should be cancelled after this season.
Posted 10/03/16 at 17:04:40

Show is a little silly but entertaining. The eye candy does not hurt either. So all in all it is enjoyable to watch. Better than another reality or cooking show. MKL&ML
Posted 06/17/16 at 15:58:52

Those of you saying that "it's based on real events",
"on real life" or whatever, you should -really- do some
homework before showing your gullibility on the internet.
The show is somewhat interesting but it can get reaaally
silly. Hell, some times it's even stereotypical & racist.
Posted 06/09/16 at 00:08:15

Love this show - exciting from start to finish
Posted 05/21/16 at 15:54:02

Started watching but i stopped at the end of season 1 and moved on to another show, it was comming to be to redicilous to watch, to extremely unbeleavable. Maybe ill finish watching someday but for now there are better shows to watch.

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Genre: Drama

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Elyes Gabel (Walter)
Katharine McPhee (Paige)
Eddie Kaye Thomas (Toby)
Jadyn Wong (Happy)
Ari Stidham (Sylvester)
Robert Patrick (Cabe)