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Network: USA

A comedy following the lives of three Chicago EMTs.

Johnny, Hank, and Brian all work as Emergency Medical Technicians in the windy city. But while they are all qualified to save the lives of those in need, their silly antics and self-destructive personalities leave their personal lives in need of a lot of help.

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Posted 03/16/16 at 00:23:46

Why do they cancel such great comedies? Raising Hope was another favorite, gone. Perhaps I should try to get through a reality show, soon it'll be all that's on.
Posted 03/14/16 at 21:25:46

I'm an EMT and everybody at my service watches this show, even though it's a comedy, the humor is pretty realistic compared to real life when it comes to being in the ambulance or at the station. I really hope Netflix picks the show up on Hulu at least.
Posted 02/20/16 at 13:20:21

please Netflix Or HULU pick up Sirens for more seasons! this show is Hilarious!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted 01/21/16 at 17:46:22

Really need to bring back this show it deserves way more than 2 seasons... hopefully netflix will pick it up or fxx!!! hopefully!!!
Posted 11/17/15 at 10:19:47

Totally didn't buy the "asexual" storyline.
Posted 05/30/15 at 07:09:40

I really enjoyed Sirens. With all the truly bad shows on television they had to cancel this one? Maybe another network with good sense will pick it up.
Posted 05/29/15 at 15:49:53

This has been the best show on TV for the past 2 seasons. It reminds me of the better comedy shows with writing and character interactions. This is one that should come back and given a better chance. Try another channel or service. It can do better than a lot of the other revived shows.
Tracey Heine
Posted 05/15/15 at 19:43:22

Sirens was one of the best laugh out loud comedies I've seen in quite a while. Major disappointment that it was cancelled. Really hope someone has the good sense to pick it up!
Posted 05/08/15 at 23:06:42

I can't believe this show was canceled. There are some funny shows on but this is one of those that makes you laugh out loud. I hope Netflix picks it up
Posted 02/26/15 at 22:33:56

OMG i love this show i saw it on netflix and laughed my but off

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Genre: Comedy

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Michael Mosley (Johnny)
Kevin Daniels (Hank)
Kevin Bigley (Brian)
Jessica McNamee (Theresa)