Surviving Jack

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Mar 27, 2014 - May 15, 2014






Jack - Christopher MeloniJoanne - Rachael HarrisFrankie - Connor BuckleyRachel - Claudia Lee

A comedy following a stay-at-home dad using non-traditional methods to raise his kids.

Based on Justin Halpern's autobiographical book, "I Suck at Girls", this comedy set in the '90s follows Jack Dunlevy, a father putting his career on hold so that his wife can pursue a career in law.

Jack is new to this level of involvement in parenting, and has his hands full with his teenage son and daughter, who are each dealing with their own issues. But no matter the situation, Jack is always there to try and put them on the right path.

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09/16/14 at 07:15am

I really enjoyed this show, it brought back so many fun memories growing up, there was always a Jack in the neighborhood, hilarious.
09/16/14 at 06:32am

This was a great show to watch with my family. I wish fox would reconsider canceling this show.
09/07/14 at 02:18pm

I cannot believe Fox will keep all of those stupid Gordon Ramsay shows & actually put "I Wanna Marry Harry" on the air but cancelled "Surviving Jack".
My whole family enjoyed this show & I hope a network that is more in touch with what families want to watch picks it up. Such a poor decision by Fox...Epic Fail.
09/01/14 at 11:26pm

Bummer, we really enjoyed this show! We're sick of all the either politically correct or pornographic junk on TV today. This was real and funny! Really sad to see it go. We'd have watched it for years.
08/29/14 at 03:45am

i love this show thw pEOPLE DONTNO WHAT FUNNY I ALSO LIKe das sad about that
08/22/14 at 11:22am

Who decides what's funny...?
08/18/14 at 08:12am

What a huge disappointment this show was canceled.
Cheryl Brown
08/10/14 at 03:55am

I cannot believe this show is gone. Why why WHY do the networks not listen to the viewers and listen only to Nielson rating people who are clearly not reading the numbers right. WHERE are you getting your numbers? Put this show back, it was one of the best, wittiest most entertaining show ever. Loved Chris Meloni showing his comedic side. He's just the best to watch. Please, bring this show back. DOES ANYONE HAVE A PETITION ON THIS SHOW? Looking for a link to sign!
07/28/14 at 08:02am

Loved this program! The characters were great and the writing was terrific. Bring this back please!!!
07/26/14 at 03:11pm

This was such a funny and memorable show. It brought back my and my husbands teens as children of the 90's and made us think about what future will be like with our 6 year old son. We are do disappointed in this decision to cancel it and several other shows we actually watch together!!!!

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