Surviving Jack

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Mar 27, 2014 - May 15, 2014






Jack - Christopher MeloniJoanne - Rachael HarrisFrankie - Connor BuckleyRachel - Claudia Lee

A comedy following a stay-at-home dad using non-traditional methods to raise his kids.

Based on Justin Halpern's autobiographical book, "I Suck at Girls", this comedy set in the '90s follows Jack Dunlevy, a father putting his career on hold so that his wife can pursue a career in law.

Jack is new to this level of involvement in parenting, and has his hands full with his teenage son and daughter, who are each dealing with their own issues. But no matter the situation, Jack is always there to try and put them on the right path.

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07/25/14 at 08:55pm

Great show. My 24 year old son AND my 16 year old daughter stayed home to watch this with me every week. It dealt with so many very REAL circumstances in a REAL way. The last 2 shows we had 3 extra teens and my sons girlfriend over to watch it. (on purpose) Great family time. I assume the GOOD in it is what bothered people. It would have lasted a long time if they'd given it a chance.
07/21/14 at 08:26am

I was so disappointed when I heard this was cancelled!! I wish Fox would reconsider, this show was hysterical.
Slambo Mambo
07/18/14 at 04:38pm

This show really reallllllly sucks. Good Riddance
07/10/14 at 03:38am

I LOVE this show. Extremely disappointed with fox. They really dropped the ball on this one.
07/06/14 at 00:30am

Great show; funny and intelligent writing. Being it back.
Joe Frustaci
06/22/14 at 06:01am

Really??? This was one of the best shows out there...I loved it as well as my wife which says something. It was like a snap shot of my life in fast forward. Great show, bring it back....Please!
06/20/14 at 04:27pm

Please bring this show back! There are very few shows my husband actually laughs at, and this was one of them! Absolutely hysterical. We want more Jack!!!!!
06/17/14 at 10:02pm

Any show that can get a 16 yr old daughter and 48 yr old father together for belly laughs is got something amazing going for it. I was severely dissapointed by the decision to cancel Surviving Jack!
06/15/14 at 05:56pm

I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU CANCELLED THIS AWESOME SHOW! I laughed the entire time it was on! Best cast! Best show ever! Please bring it back! Makes me not want to watch FOX shows anymore! The cancel the good ones!
06/10/14 at 06:38pm

BRING THIS SHOW BACK!!! Awesome show the parents and teenagers could watch together and enjoy together for once. Everyone in my family was disappointed at the cancel!!

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