Surviving Jack

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Mar 27, 2014 - May 15, 2014






Jack - Christopher MeloniJoanne - Rachael HarrisFrankie - Connor BuckleyRachel - Claudia Lee

A comedy following a stay-at-home dad using non-traditional methods to raise his kids.

Based on Justin Halpern's autobiographical book, "I Suck at Girls", this comedy set in the '90s follows Jack Dunlevy, a father putting his career on hold so that his wife can pursue a career in law.

Jack is new to this level of involvement in parenting, and has his hands full with his teenage son and daughter, who are each dealing with their own issues. But no matter the situation, Jack is always there to try and put them on the right path.

Comments (117)

06/08/14 at 02:26pm

Please, please bring this show back! Laugh out lowd script and superb cast!
05/31/14 at 06:44pm

Bring surviving jack back....made me laugh out loud...funny show to watch...without saying.."how corny".....Please bring it back!!!!!!
05/31/14 at 06:37am

Love surviving jack, so cleverly written and funny. Characters are great.. Please don't cancel one of the cutest sitcoms this year..
05/30/14 at 03:24pm

They should bring the show back. It was entertaining to everyone in the household.
05/29/14 at 10:08pm

Please bring it back!
05/29/14 at 06:50pm

I can not believe surviving jack was cancelled it was a breath of fresh air ,very funny and a great way to end my day. fox has so many stupid sitcoms like the Mindy project why not keep something parents all parents can relate to and laugh now a days there is not much to laugh at shame on you. funniest show ever!!!!!!!!
Surviving Jack FAN
05/29/14 at 06:05pm

Is FOX stupid or something? Really, they cancel Surviving Jack for I want to marry and other horrible overrated shows. BRING IT BACK!!!!
05/28/14 at 08:29pm

surviving Jack was the best thing on TV! Bring it back!! I can't believe Fox keeps that awful Mindy Project and those stupid cartoons with creepy fathers in them and the only sitcom with a strong masculine father they dump after a few episodes! It is appalling! grow a pair! the audiance will catch up in a minute!
with all the drek shows you keep you toss it out?!? stupid decision!!
Bring back Jack!!
05/28/14 at 06:32pm

This show was hilarious!!! Bring it back!!!
05/28/14 at 05:55pm

BRING BACK SURVIVING JACK, wtf happened to my show on Hulu plus. they have so many shows that suck so bad and they play that sh*t over and over. yes its like other parent with wimpy kid tv shows but i actually like this one.i love that damn show im so mad

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