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The Assets

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Network: ABC

A drama following the account of a Cold War traitor.

It's 1985 and the Cold War is nearing its end. Sandy and her partner Jeanne vow to find the mole that would turn out to be Aldrich Ames, the most notorious traitor in US history.

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Steve Ryan
Posted 07/23/14 at 03:30:20

Sadly gotta agree with this one. For me at least, I already know the story to start with and it's not a good one. I watched the first episode, and while it was well done of course there were no surprises, and I just couldn't see continuing to watch a show that highlighted one of our greatest failures.
Dave Wolfe
Posted 07/21/14 at 12:34:42

The next two episodes are scheduled on my cable system for 7/27 in the afternoon.
Denis Morin
Posted 07/02/14 at 15:38:29

I Watched the 3rd and 4th ├ępisodes in the last two weeks but on ABC Schedule for july 5th and july 12th, the are showing Mistresses, my cable recorde just advied me that the show has been retired by ABC...
What's wrong with ABC, they're giving us the hope to see the last 6 ├ępisodes and after number 4, bye bye and don't forget to see our new series the upcomming autumn...
For sure, I'll surely come to like many new series that will surely be cancelled again...
Poor ABC !
Denis Morin, Quebec City, Canada and proud to be Canadian, not independentist Quebecer !
Posted 06/22/14 at 12:20:57

I just watched the third episode of The Assets, and my DVD is set to record episode 4 @9pm on Sat 6/28, and Episode 5 on 7/5. So it looks like they are airing the entire season, which might be bad, if there is a cliffhanger.
Posted 03/29/14 at 09:25:22

It annoys me that they don't give the show a chance. I was watching it and looked up the actual case and read the book just to keep up with the show...At least finish the story before you cancel.
Posted 02/15/14 at 14:52:33

This was a good show. Sad to see that ABC has let another good one go too soon.
Private Detective
Posted 01/24/14 at 11:05:26

I never paid any attention to the Aldrich Ames case because it was boring. The John Walker spy scandel of the 1980's: now there was something to pay attention to.
Sandra Finkle
Posted 01/19/14 at 11:43:34

I can speak for my entire family when I say we are very disappointed The Asset has been canceled! We looked forward to watching the show. Big Mistake to CANCEL!!!

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Genre: Drama

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Paul Rhys (Aldrich)
Jodie Whittaker (Sandra)
Harriet Walter (Jeanne)
Stuart Milligan (Paul)
Julian Ovenden (Gary)
Christina Cole (Louisa)
Ralph Brown (Lawrence)
Akie Kotabe (Eric)