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A comedy following a loud, sports-loving Boston family.

The close-knit McCarthy clan love their sports. At least most of them do. Ronny, the youngest son, is gay and not really into the whole sports scene the way the rest of his family are.

As a way to become more independent, Ronny gets a job out of the city, but things change when his dad asks him to be his assistant high school basketball coach instead of his other, more qualified siblings.

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Posted 02/09/15 at 11:12:18

Posted 01/21/15 at 08:01:08

I doubt this show will survive but I'm enjoying it while it's here. I can kind of see why people are saying negative things but I mostly enjoy it. I get that maybe some parts of it are too exaggerated for some people, but I think it's fun.
Lew Casey
Posted 12/13/14 at 16:32:06

It is insulting to have to listen to all the 'canned laughter' on this show. Either a line is funny or it is not. Viewers should be considered to be intelligent enough to know the difference. So many sitcoms are built like this. If the show is built for morons; then, let them just stare at the screen and decide when to laugh or not.
Posted 12/01/14 at 11:55:37

End this show already!
Posted 11/21/14 at 17:04:16

Terrible, horrible show. Laurie deserved a better writer, plot andco stars. I put this with the bad spin off shows without being a spinoff. It tried too hard and it flopped!
Posted 11/16/14 at 10:04:00

I love this show. I like all the characters and how they interact. The show is not "racist" but it is stereotypical and that's a different thing entirely. Even though it is set in Boston, I'm sure you'd find many families are similar. Father loves his family but doesn't show it in traditional ways. Mother who loves her boys but is not so close w/ her daughter. Sibling rivalry and vying for the parents' attention. Tyler Ritter portrays his character perfectly, I thought I saw some similarities to John Ritter, not surprising as I just learned he is John's son. I recommend you watch the show and at least 2 episodes before you judge it.
Posted 11/10/14 at 07:18:40

How is this not already cancelled?
I'm not picky when it comes to sit-coms but come on;
whoever greenlighted this show at CBS should update his/her CV!
Posted 06/30/14 at 21:38:01

Why do shows placed in Boston seem racist?

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Genre: Comedy

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Tyler Ritter (Ronny)
Jack McGee (Arthur)
Laurie Metclaf (Marjorie)
Kelen Coleman (Jackie)
Jimmy Dunn (Sean)
Joey McIntyre (Gerard)