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The Musketeers

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Network: BBCAmerica

An action-adventure drama inspired by characters from Alexandre Dumas' legendary novel.

D'Artagnan, Athos, Aramis and Porthos are four of the best and brightest musketeers in 1630 Paris, who use their unique skills to protect the King and their country at the command of Captain Treville.

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Posted 09/07/16 at 21:14:59

y does everyone say its on BBCamerica, when its not??? not on netflixs?? and everywhere else u have to pay for season three ??? when is it surposed to b on BBCA???
Posted 01/08/16 at 16:18:56

I cannot praise this show too highly. Characterization, direction, sets and costumes, effects, all absolutely stellar, well rounded, full and subtle. Well done!
Sunny Batz
Posted 01/26/15 at 13:35:22

Love this show. The cast of characters are well chosen and great in their roles. Love their unique personalities. Please we need more shows like this. Keep the musketeers going as long as possible. You have a fan for life.:)
Posted 12/09/14 at 22:47:51 renewed for S02
Bill B.
Posted 10/08/14 at 22:20:01

This show has the production values of a major Hollywood studio movie! It is beautifully filmed, directed & produced. The costumes, sets & make-up are truly remarkable. Everyone in the cast is perfectly believable in the roles they play. It's almost impossible to think it's just a weekly television series. It's THAT good! This was an early Fall discovery for me. I enjoyed it so much I watched the entire season in just 3 weeks! BBC America, if you're listening, please bring this show back to us for as many seasons as you can afford. ActIon, adventure, romance, history. This is television at it's finest!!!
Posted 09/08/14 at 19:26:13

I love this show.. All the guys are really cute but they are also gentlemen. I hope this show continues for a long time. It has 5 stars.

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Genre: Drama / Action

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Tom Burke (Athos)
Santiago Cabrera (Aramis)
Peter Capaldi (Armand)
Howard Charles (Porthos)
Alexandra Dowling (Queen Anne)
Ryan Gage (King Louis XIII)
Tamla Kari (Constance)
Maimie McCoy (Milady de Winter)
Luke Pasqualino (D'Artagnan)
Hugo Speer (Capt. Treville)
Marc Warren (Rochefort)