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The Mysteries of Laura

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Network: NBC

A drama following an NYPD detective balancing the demands of her day job and her family.

Laura Diamond is a New York homicide detective who is doing her best to balance her work with her home life as a single mother, which includes two disobedient kids and a soon-to-be ex-husband who is also a cop - and her boss.

Her life can get pretty crazy as a modern-day working mom, but she makes it work with help from her understanding partner.

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Posted 05/26/17 at 04:05:43

Cute , fun and interesting show, will be missed !
Posted 05/24/17 at 08:34:34

I loved that show please bring it back looked foreward every week not all people are young and most young people don't watch tv any way
Posted 02/26/17 at 12:28:54

I agree with vera. This was such a great show. And i can't believe they left us hanging. Bring it back
Posted 11/01/16 at 20:12:13

So disappointing to hear this show was cancelled!!
I looked forward to this hour every week.
Another of my favorites gone.
Posted 11/01/16 at 10:45:49

Unbelievable really. Good quality shows like this one (New Adventures Of Old Christine, Mike & Molly, Friends Etc) are becoming rarer by the day. Mysteries Of Laura was outstanding! Mind boggling indeed, this cancellation.
Posted 10/04/16 at 20:47:09

I agree with Sheri, bring this TV show back. Why do you always cancel the good ones!
Posted 10/01/16 at 20:42:03

Bring this show back!!! NBC doesn't have many good programs, this one was worth watching! Looks like I'm going back to CBS and ABC only...
Posted 09/04/16 at 21:29:21

This show was awesome! I am so disappointed that all my favorites are being cancelled. What is wrong with the networks!
Posted 08/17/16 at 14:07:26

Our favorite show! I echo the sentiments already expressed here. Trash rules on the airwaves!
Posted 08/04/16 at 13:11:06

Love this show!!! So disappointed to find out it has been cancelled. If only the networks would stick with something OTHER than reality tv.

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Genre: Drama

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Debra Messing (Laura)
Josh Lucas (Jake)
Laz Alonso (Billy)
Janina Gavankar (Meredith)