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True Detective

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Network: HBO

A drama following two Louisiana detectives in the hunt for a serial killer.

In 2012, former Louisiana State Police Detectives Rust Cohle and Martin Hart are called upon to revisit a homicide cold case they worked in 1995.

These two men narrate the story of their investigation as it unfolds via separate interrogations in the present day. As the two timelines intertwine and converge, each former detective is pulled back into a world that was thought left behind for good.

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Comments (19)

Richard J. Blanco
Posted 04/18/17 at 21:23:56

Anything new on this show ? Season was fantastic dark the cast was awesome season 2 great cast totally different story line tons of grit and not as dark !
Richard J Blanco
Posted 04/24/16 at 19:18:47

Love this show ! Any new news on this show
Posted 04/14/16 at 23:15:04

Adult action drama, works for me. Up there with Fargo, all good IMO.
Posted 10/26/15 at 12:49:39

Absolutely loved the 1st season, yes a little slow at times but still was awesome. Now the 2nd season I didn't care for, good actors but I had trouble connecting to them, plot was so boring I found my mind wondering and couldn't wait for it to be over. I am glad I stuck to watching it because the last 2 episodes and finale was pretty good. Hope season 3 is better.
Posted 08/09/15 at 23:07:12

I thought the same, that season 2 was too slow, and nothing was happening. At the mid point of the season however, everything came undone, and the season finale was incredible, but also a tear-jerker. I encourage you who have not finished the second season, to go back and watch it.
Posted 07/02/15 at 09:58:50

Season 2 will not fly.
Too slow too dark and too grim.
Hoping season 3 is better if there is 1.
Richard J. Blanco
Posted 02/08/15 at 20:05:59

This is great show it is dark but is has a good plot can't wait for the second season. What a awesome cast
rodeo cowboy
Posted 09/28/14 at 13:33:23

One of the best dective shows ever; as good as The Wire and edgier than Graceland or Longmire. All great shows. I'm bored with the CSIs and all the pretty faces like NCSI.
David Wood
Posted 07/01/14 at 20:28:53

I couldn't get past the senseless mutterings and mumblings of the two main stars.
Did I mention their murmurings and musings?
Posted 06/02/14 at 08:49:30

The next season won't be with the same cast or story. It's meant for each season to be self-contained. Hearing rumors Brad Pitt will be cast in Season 2

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Genre: Drama / Crime

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Matthew McConaughey (Rust)
Woody Harrelson (Martin)
Michelle Monaghan (Maggie)
Kevin Dunn (Ken)
Tory Kittles (Thomas)
Michael Potts (Maynard)
Alexandra Daddario (Lisa)
Elizabeth Reaser (Laurie)