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True Detective

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Jan 12, 2014 - Present




Drama / Crime


Rust - Matthew McConaugheyMartin - Woody HarrelsonMaggie - Michelle MonaghanKen - Kevin DunnThomas - Tory KittlesMaynard - Michael PottsLisa - Alexandra DaddarioLaurie - Elizabeth Reaser

An anthology series that follows the investigation of a grisly crime.

Each season of this crime anthology employs a different cast and setting, following a new and self-contained narrative involving the investigation of a murder.

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09/01/17 at 07:57am

Season 1 was amazing. Season 2 was a shit-show! Out of the millions of people to pick as a gangster, they pick Vince Vaughn? WTF OVER?! Show sucked monkey nuts on a hot summer day. HBO usually doesn't "green-light" something after a horrible season chance, unless they have something really good. I sure hope they're right!
Richard J. Blanco
04/18/17 at 09:23pm

Anything new on this show ? Season was fantastic dark the cast was awesome season 2 great cast totally different story line tons of grit and not as dark !
Richard J Blanco
04/24/16 at 07:18pm

Love this show ! Any new news on this show
04/14/16 at 11:15pm

Adult action drama, works for me. Up there with Fargo, all good IMO.
10/26/15 at 12:49pm

Absolutely loved the 1st season, yes a little slow at times but still was awesome. Now the 2nd season I didn't care for, good actors but I had trouble connecting to them, plot was so boring I found my mind wondering and couldn't wait for it to be over. I am glad I stuck to watching it because the last 2 episodes and finale was pretty good. Hope season 3 is better.
08/09/15 at 11:07pm

I thought the same, that season 2 was too slow, and nothing was happening. At the mid point of the season however, everything came undone, and the season finale was incredible, but also a tear-jerker. I encourage you who have not finished the second season, to go back and watch it.
07/02/15 at 09:58am

Season 2 will not fly.
Too slow too dark and too grim.
Hoping season 3 is better if there is 1.
Richard J. Blanco
02/08/15 at 08:05pm

This is great show it is dark but is has a good plot can't wait for the second season. What a awesome cast
rodeo cowboy
09/28/14 at 01:33pm

One of the best dective shows ever; as good as The Wire and edgier than Graceland or Longmire. All great shows. I'm bored with the CSIs and all the pretty faces like NCSI.
David Wood
07/01/14 at 08:28pm

I couldn't get past the senseless mutterings and mumblings of the two main stars.
Did I mention their murmurings and musings?

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