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A reality series where a group of people move to an isolated location and create their own civilization.

Based on the Dutch television series of the same name, this unscripted social experiment takes a group of 15 people out of their everyday lives and moves them into an undeveloped, isolated location. There, they spend one year creating their own civilization from scratch and making their own rules. There are no existing power structures and only limited amenities.

Choices must be made. Will they choose to hoard for themselves or share with others? Will there be a democracy or a dictatorship? Every decision counts in this new society, where pioneers work to become indispensable - or risk being exiled back to the real world and replaced with a newcomer.

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Posted 12/09/14 at 19:38:16

They should have just let those clowns continue to live there and not tell them they were off air. Keep the cameras moving around but not recording. In my mind the thought of them still believing they were on TV is better than the actual show.
Bob Novak
Posted 11/13/14 at 02:27:54

This show was a waste of a lot of people's time... it should never have been aired.
Posted 09/19/14 at 10:25:10

Was excited to see this show. sadly i endured only 30 minutes of this.
Posted 09/12/14 at 15:54:05

Trouble in paradise huh? Is there anyone out there that didn't see this coming?
Posted 08/17/14 at 20:40:24

Siberia is much better
Posted 08/11/14 at 15:39:23

I heard about this! I thought it was called "Siberia." ;)

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Genre: Reality

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