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7 Little Johnstons

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Network: TLC

A reality series following a family of Achondroplasia dwarfs.

The seven members of the Johnston family are the world's largest known family of Achondroplasia dwarfs. Cameras in this reality series capture the ups and downs in all their lives as they prove that size only matters in the amount of love they have for each other.

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Comments (45)

Elizabeth Pruder
Posted 03/15/17 at 10:44:27

Love this show very much. Never missed an episode. Am very curious as to how they are doing. Would love to see this show again, and see how the kids are growing. Am also wondering if they got the house finished. Miss them a lot. PLEASE BRING THEM BACK SOON.
Posted 03/07/17 at 12:37:41

Please let us know why the 7 Little Johnston's was cancelled? It was a wonderful show! Please take our comments into consideration for more show!!!-Thank you.
Missy lever
Posted 01/03/17 at 20:02:38

Love love this family and show. Please tell me that they are being renewed
Susie reynolds
Posted 12/07/16 at 21:47:03

Love this show !!!!
Susie reynolds
Posted 12/07/16 at 21:46:05

Love,love,love,this show, ive been wondering when i would see it again..plz bring back..BEST little ppl show on TLC !!!!
Joanie shortridge
Posted 12/02/16 at 02:45:55

Please tlc. Please bring back on tv the Johnson family. They were the most wonderful show on tlc. Will you bring them back. We all miss them so much. They are very special family. Never missed. It's Dec.2 2016' please u have duggers. Little people matt amy love all miss this family . Hope pray u do.thank you joanie shortridge .
Posted 08/23/16 at 13:01:43

Please renew the Johnston's.
Cindy Burns
Posted 08/02/16 at 20:07:23

I love this show! I think it's even better then The Roloffs show. Please don't cancel!
Posted 07/18/16 at 18:51:00

Do not cancel this show!
Posted 07/14/16 at 23:56:17

PLEASE do not cancel this show...I've been waiting for it to be back on!!!!! I just love them!!!!

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