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Agent X

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Network: TNT

An action drama following a top secret agent who serves only the Vice President.

When a crisis is so bad that traditional law enforcement methods are not effective, there is a specially trained, top secret agent ready to be deployed only by the Vice President. John Case is this agent, and he is so hidden that even the President himself does not know of his existence. Case is tough, intelligent, and athletic - and he works to protect the country and its citizens from all threats by any means necessary.

Whether a global threat looms, or an internal matter needs attention in Washington, Agent X is ready for any high-stakes mission that is too sensitive for the FBI and the CIA.

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Comments (61)

Posted 08/03/16 at 08:23:00

Enjoyed this concept;would like to see more.
Posted 07/30/16 at 02:29:01

One of the main reason's I don't watch new show on TNT, they started acting like the three major networks and cancelling good shows before word of mouth could spread around about the show. Agent X was a good, fun and exciting show to watch. I loved it and still miss it. Also, they canceled it in such a disrespectful way to the fans' without any warning, they just give them ax. I'll wait until I can trust TNT again, before I commit to any of their new shows...they'll have to earn my attention from now on. ABC canceled, "Forever" Big, Huge mistake. FYI, I also, miss Perception and the Transporter.
Posted 05/29/16 at 09:29:25

A quality show. I was truly surprised to hear it had been cancelled. I never watch reality shows; cancel them and make room to bring back some of the good shows that have been shelved.
Posted 04/01/16 at 11:06:55

too bad it was a great show, it's amazing some of the junk shows are still existing,you must give the show another chance
ann davis
Posted 03/10/16 at 16:39:32

What is wrong with TNT canceled a great show, and keep the junk on, can't stand most of what is on TV these days. Please reconsider and renew
Happy Camper
Posted 03/08/16 at 15:03:59

Great show and I love Sharon Stone. Never missed an episode. Season 2 please!
Damon Kuzma
Posted 03/05/16 at 13:27:32

Great show and I heard it has been cancelled but with so many shows that are bs this isn't one of them I would like to see another season
Posted 02/28/16 at 15:47:47

agree should have gave it a chance!!
Posted 02/24/16 at 22:23:38

I loved the show and I am very disappointed if you cancelled it, Don't you know what a good show is or not?
Neil Hansen
Posted 02/16/16 at 15:15:32

Shame it is a good show give it a second chance it will pick up

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Genre: Drama / Action

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Jeff Hephner (John)
Sharon Stone (Maccabee)
John Shea (Eckhart)
Gerald McRaney (Malcolm)