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A comic crime drama following an offensive, but brilliant, detective returned from exile to run a special crime unit.

Lieutenant Everett Backstrom is an unhealthy and offensive detective who is brought back from a five year exile to head Portland Police Bureau's Special Crimes Unit. Tasked with working the city's most serious cases, Backstrom utilizes his dark instincts and odd abilities to solve crimes while trying to improve his own self-destructive behavior.

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Comments (51)

Posted 06/01/16 at 09:20:45

The key isn't who watches it, it's the effect on advertising. If we bought the stuff they advertise, if we even notice what they advertise, then we will get their attention.
Backstrom was pretty good. There will be others, but I miss it.
kim miers
Posted 12/18/15 at 22:08:10

Still wishing this show was on. it's been awhile and this is the one that we still say would be a GREAT show with a strong following (given the chance). If they allow viewers a chance to find the golden ticket - they will. This show should be revived.
Posted 11/17/15 at 10:13:45

This makes me so angry! It was an awesome show! Someone call Netflix!
Posted 11/16/15 at 15:10:34

Bring it back. Good show. Always looked forward to next episode.
Posted 09/21/15 at 10:30:28

Both my husband and I LOVED Backstrom !!!! Couldn't believe when we heard it had been cancelled. Please bring it back.
J. Frimpong Sydenstricker
Posted 09/15/15 at 07:05:23

I enjoyed this show but I'm not surprised it was cancelled as the ratings were abysmal. You Twitterheads still don't get it. You don't save shows by throwing temper tantrums, you save them by getting your Facebook Friends to pull their noses out of their phones and WATCH THE SHOW.
Patrick Peters
Posted 08/30/15 at 21:40:54

This show was awesome. Booo
Kay Hesse
Posted 08/28/15 at 06:52:37

I just streamed a couple of episodes of Backstrom and was reminded why I am angry with FOX. Backstrom is new, fresh, fun and creative, and of course, gets cancelled. On the other hand, Bones is old, stale, beginning to get maudlin, and was wrapped up nicely at the end of last season, but it gets renewed. FOX -- what were you thinking?
Posted 08/22/15 at 21:37:29

Finally, an entertaining crime solving show with a talented actor. Why should I be surprised you would cancel? Stop canceling good shows. If you won't bring it back maybe netflix will pick it up. They aren't afraid to put on good shows that show a little moxie.
Posted 08/09/15 at 15:16:37

Please renew Backstrom, one of the best TV shows going. The charatacters are all great. PLEASE renew this show.
Thank You

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Genre: Drama / Crime

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Rainn Wilson (Backstrom)
Genevieve Angelson (Nicole)
Page Kennedy (Frank)
Kristoffer Polaha (Peter)
Dennis Haysbert (John)
Beatrice Rosen (Nadia)
Thomas Dekker (Gregory)