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Jun 21, 2015 - Oct 13, 2019




Comedy / Drama


Spencer - Dwayne JohnsonCharles - Omar Benson MillerRicky - John David WashingtonJoe - Rob CorddryJason - Troy GarityVernon - Donovan CarterJulie - Jazmyn SimonMichaels - Taylor ColeTina - LeToya LuckettKara - Ella Thomas

A dramedy following the lives of a group of current and former pro football players.

Spencer Strasmore is a retired professional football player in Miami who is struggling in his new career as a financial advisor. His job is to give advice to his NFL friends on the ins and outs of the business side of football, but he also identifies with their personal issues and tries to protect them from making the same mistakes he made.

Comments (5)

03/26/19 at 10:33am

This show is fantastic! When does season 5 start??
Richard J. Blanco
09/24/17 at 10:28pm

Can't wait for next season ! Awesome show
09/01/15 at 12:29pm

Very good show!
08/23/15 at 10:13pm

Excellent show, the Rock is a good actor.
06/09/15 at 05:02am

looks like another Entourage with "The Rock"

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