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Battle Creek

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Network: CBS

A crime drama following a detective and an FBI agent working together in a small Michigan city.

Special Agent Milton Chamberlain and Detective Russ Agnew might have differing world views, but together they partner up to fight crime on the streets of Battle Creek, Michigan using deception and cunning.

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Posted 02/14/17 at 11:51:57

Too good to cancel. Good grief, it deserves another chance. No wonder more people are going to alternative viewing. CBS, you are just ridiculous in some of the shows you keep.
Posted 02/28/16 at 15:58:47

FINALLY a GOOD/FUNNY Cop show and ..... BAM ruin it! I'm going to start boycotting CBS!! they are cancelling all of the good tv shows and keep the crap ones..... I do like NCIS & Criminal Minds but that's it... I mean cancel Battle Creek but keep NCIS- New Orleans!!
Posted 01/29/16 at 20:01:45

Seriously a great show! Cbs didn't give it a chance! Please bring it back it was such a breath of fresh air from reality shows!
Posted 11/17/15 at 10:15:44

It was my fault for liking this show, I'm cursed.
Posted 10/17/15 at 07:33:31

@John, CBS is a waste of electricity. The excecs along with most mainstream commercial media outlets tend to direct their profit centers at the bottom feeders. Staged reality shows for the sheeple. It's too bad more shows aren't picked up by the cable outlets but it seems even though the msm outlets cancel shows they deem unprofitable, they will not release the rights to other outlets. I don't watch CBS shows nor their "news" anymore. It's not worth my time because they will not keep a good show on the air, and they will not tell the truth in their newscasts.
Posted 10/17/15 at 07:27:11

It's too bad they cancelled this show. The characters were just beginning to get more depth to them. CBS is well known for not giving shows a chance, favoring reality shows over any show with any kind of substance. (not saying this show was great but it was good) Those in charge of CBS tend to favor shows for sheeple, which is the reason the CBS viewing audience (along with the CBS execs) tend to have the attention span of a 2 year olds
Carol T
Posted 09/12/15 at 15:44:01

this was a very good cop show that had its quirks that my husband and I liked very much - please bring it back!!
Posted 08/01/15 at 16:35:10

Battle Creek was such a good show with no chance to get renewed by the dummies who put it on sunday night after football.Talk about being buried.
Posted 07/06/15 at 03:20:31

Please bring this show back! Love it!!
Posted 07/02/15 at 16:34:59

This was a good show something a little different. I too, am going to quit watching new shows I get hooked then they are gone!!

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Genre: Drama / Crime

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Josh Duhamel (Milton)
Dean Winters (Russ)
Janet McTeer (Guziewicz)
Kal Penn (Fontanelle)
Aubrey Dollar (Holly)
Grapevine (Aaron)
Damon Herriman (Niblet)
Liza Lapira (Jacocks)
Jessee Foudray (Connie)
Meredith Eaton (Meredith)