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A competition series featuring dueling robot creations.

Next generation robots take the spotlight in this competition series, which challenges competitors to design and build bigger, faster and stronger robots than their opponents. These armored machines then engage in combat, where one team will eventually take home the championship.

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Posted 04/28/17 at 06:21:31

I loved the original battle bots and I love this one too. I hope it stays on as long or longer than the original. I really like the introductions. I wish I could remember where they make wagers on the matches. I don't gamble but I would make an exception for this.
Posted 03/21/17 at 15:25:41

Don't bring this fake shit back.
Kevin Moore
Posted 01/16/17 at 15:50:59

My wife and I both love this show! Can't wait for another season! Please continue it!
Posted 12/07/16 at 07:54:52

Posted 09/06/16 at 10:57:02

This show was crap in the 90's. Still crap today, cancel it please.
Posted 06/29/16 at 08:38:39

This is the only good reality show on TV.
I love it. I watch more tv than most people i know but it is usually only scripted dramas and the ocasional sitcom.
Battlebots is the only reality show i have ever enjoyed!
Season 1 was good in summer 2015 Season 2 is even better so far this year. (Summer 2016). I hope for a Season 3 in Summer 2017.
Posted 12/09/15 at 06:44:16

Love it! More seasons!!! I want more longer seasons!

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