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A game show where teams answer quizzes and risk getting showered with slime-bombs.

This exciting and comedic game show is based around general knowledge quizzes that challenges teams of three players to defuse a ticking slime-bombs. Do do this, members must cut the wires that relate to the right answers - making sure to leave the wrong answers untouched. If they're right, they win big money. If they're wrong and, the slime-bombs detonate after a tense countdown, which showers the players and some of the audience with mystery goop - forcing the players out of the game.

Prize money builds as the game progresses and the questions get harder. After six rounds, players can either walk away with their winnings or to take on the more challenging “Mega Money Bomb Round”, where they can win up to $500,000. But if they make one mistake, they lose half of their money.

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Posted 12/08/15 at 12:45:35

I think this show has been cancelled, our DVR hasn't taped an episode in months.
Posted 07/14/15 at 16:41:09

Just when you thought game shows couldn't get any stupider... Only Jeopardy seems to have avoided this dumb-assed gimmick approach to trivial knowledge competitions.

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