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Jul 31, 2015 - Present


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Emma - Peyton ListRavi - Karan BrarZuri - Skai JacksonLou - Miranda MayXander - Kevin QuinnTiffany - Nina LuJorge - Nathan Arenas

A comedy series spun off from Disney's Jessie.

The Ross kids - Emma, Ravi, and Zuri - leave their swanky New York digs to attend Camp Kikiwaka in Maine, where their parents had met when they were teenagers. Along with their newfound friends, the trio try to adapt to their new lives at summer camp.

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Keisha M Bulger
02/23/19 at 10:10am

xander jorge tiffany and griff did not return in bunk'd season 3 and never will return to camp kikiwaka ever again they are very old campers that we had ever met in bunk'd season 1 and 2 since they had a fire in there old cabins they had been placed in season 3 now where going to lose emma ravi and zuri they was the best owners ever at camp it was there best last 3 summers
Keimond J Bell
02/23/19 at 09:54am

matteo destiny and finn will return to camp kikiwaka with lou there might even be a return of hazel the ross family will not return to the camp.
02/14/19 at 01:15pm

I say they should have kept all the same characters for season 3 because it sucks now even the entry song I mean come on I like the old kikiwaka song and I like the old characters they need to bring Tiffany Griff Jorge and Xander back even Hazel and Gladys I'm not saying that they're not good actors or actresses on the new one it was just better with the the old crew and the old entry song come on people
06/22/17 at 07:37am

I think they should keep bunkd. But the last episode so far was that the camp burnt down
04/18/17 at 04:18am

I agree with Doug all the good shows are ending. So, i hope bunk'd doesn't. I doesn't think it will I think it will have Season 3 because she each season is 1 year and it is 2017 and it has been 3 years since it started. I don't think it will get cancelled .
01/05/17 at 04:32pm

02/24/16 at 12:16pm

The only thing good thing about the show is Kevin Quinn!! He is awesome. The show isn't going to last long because camp won't last long.
01/19/16 at 09:14pm

Love the show hope doesn't cancel they are running out of shows. All of the good ones are ending😢
01/10/16 at 07:32pm

I love bunkd I mean if it doesn't come back for a second season I'm gonna stop watching disney and yeah the first episodes are OK but if you continue to watch then it will be a very great show I love the show
12/15/15 at 08:11am

I think Bunk'd is great and I hope they do another season. I am sad that Jessie is done though. It was a great show.

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