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A comedy following a group of coworkers at a Massachusetts barbershop.

A group of former classmates who all ran with different cliques in high school all find themselves working together at Buzzy's barbershop in Charlestown, Massachusetts.

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Posted 12/13/15 at 04:39:35

I enjoyed this and was anticipating a season 2 to come to light. Sad to hear its over.
Posted 09/17/15 at 07:21:43

The show is not appropriate as a sitcom, their jokes are not so funny, however the whole general storyline got potential
J boy
Posted 07/28/15 at 22:03:14

Got potential
Posted 07/25/15 at 16:44:25

This show has some potential. The AJ-Danni story has to happen sometime during this season if they want to keep on the air. I think they make a great couple. Other great couple is Mo-joy, I wish they have a kiss at least during this first season, and as of Charmaine I think maybe on the future they can get her somebody. Also the show main friendship is Mo-Ben so I think they should explore that friendship. As for buzzy I think he has no much to tell but as a main character they should have him more involved with other storylines.
I think they're doing fine and honestly hope they get a second season. :)

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Genre: Comedy

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Ashley Tisdale (Danni)
Mike Castle (AJ)
Matt Cook (Mo)
Lauren Lapkus (Joy)
Ryan Pinkston (Ben)
Diona Reasonover (Charmaine)
George Wendt (Buzzy)