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TV Tidbit: Season 3 of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend premieres on Friday, Oct 13 at 8:00pm.

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

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On Air: 
Network: CW

A musical dramedy following a lawyer who impulsively moves across the country in search of love.

Rebecca Bunch is an unhappy lawyer who abandons her choice job in New York in an attempt to find love. To do this, she impulsively moves across the country to West Covina, California in pursuit of her elusive, long-time soul mate Josh. Even though he dumped her back in high school, it's now 10 years later and just maybe things will be different this time.

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Posted 05/13/16 at 12:40:28

LOVE THIS SHOW!! It's got a lot going for it - it's funny - they sing - they dance. It is pure entertainment. What is not to like? Rachel Bloom is a delight!!
Johnny Diamond
Posted 04/28/16 at 13:48:04

This is the best show on TV right now, that's coming from a straight male. Hope it gets renewed!
Michelle Na'ayem
Posted 01/31/16 at 19:24:19

Love love love it!! Best show I've seen in ages! So fresh and funny! The musical numbers are fantastic!
Muriel O'Connor
Posted 01/26/16 at 22:10:30

I friggin LOVE this show! It's refreshing. So unique.
Amanda Rodrigues
Posted 12/26/15 at 17:58:48

The most impressive show I have seen in a very long time.... Clever writing, the star is such an amazing talent,,, she sings, acts, dances,,, what can't she do? I just want to know when they are coming back on,,, I miss the shows so so good!
Posted 12/01/15 at 17:56:15

This show is effing AMAZING. It gets better and better every episode. People who bash this show have a lack of humor and joy in their lives.
diamond girl
Posted 11/09/15 at 17:47:35

Wtf how did this piece of ass crap air on tv in the first place
Posted 10/22/15 at 09:38:16

I absolutely love this show! It is one of the smartest and funniest shows I've seen in a long time. My husband and I agree it may not last because most of America needs a laugh track to understand when something is intended to be funny. You either get why this show hilarious or your don't. This show is brilliant and hope it gets renewed. Love it so much.
Martijn van Baarsen
Posted 10/20/15 at 10:01:29

It started ok...until she started to sing...OMG...what a waste of money this was for the producer.Clearly 5 wasted minutes of my life!!!Not worthy for watching IMO...
Posted 10/13/15 at 14:33:35

YUCK!!! Cancel this CRAP!!!

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Genre: Comedy / Drama

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Rachel Bloom (Rebecca)
Santino Fontana (Greg)
Donna Lynne Champlin (Paula)
Vincent Rodriguez III (Josh)