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Fear the Walking Dead

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Network: AMC

A companion series to The Walking Dead following the start of the zombie apocalypse.

Before the terrifying apocalypse seen in The Walking Dead, there was a time when society was in a gradual decline leading towards unforeseen catastrophic events.

In Los Angeles, California, a new group of characters, including a divorced teacher and a guidance counselor, must face the circumstances that set in motion the beginning of the end.

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Posted 03/20/17 at 21:18:13

Blah cast blah characters blah story was only watching rooting for all the self righteous losers to die horribly
Posted 06/08/16 at 23:56:17

Posted 05/09/16 at 20:45:20

Dakota what are you talking about? This show not only is the complete opposite of what you would call "A Stale Show" but has shattered records in viewers tuning in on Sunday nights. Other than the "walkers" munching on people & bringing in comic book villains to spice it up but the story evolves and changes up every season. Especially Season 6 as it was compelling writing & acting. Maybe you haven't read the comics (where show was based off of) but now Season 7 (airing in October 2016) should be dynamic as one of the biggest villains of all-time if not the scariest and biggest name in comic book history (Negan) was formally introduced in season 6 finale setting up a huge start for season 7 , which is expected to break even more records in late night tv drama history. Like I said "stale" show? Not even close
Posted 05/07/16 at 21:10:03

Watched the show every week out of loyalty to TWD waiting for it to get good. Never happened! After the shows writers and producers thought that it would be a good idea to have a black man and a white man make out on camera last Sunday night, I turned the show off never to return. Asinine, contrived stupid writing. I look forward to this show getting cancelled.
mike dobey
Posted 04/16/16 at 22:41:51

The first season was a disaster. in which the national guard , held people hostage?. it was dumb. as if they would have the time to put up fences around just one neighborhood? It was one of the worst shows amc ever did. This season is much better by far.
Posted 04/11/16 at 17:12:06

TWD was in the top 5 all season so I think more people watch it than you know.The cast of FTWD is terrible.The only interesting characters are Strand and Daniel.I hope the rest get eaten.
Posted 03/07/16 at 14:39:01

I think FTWD is superior to TWD from this point on.
TWD got stale halfway through season 4 and i stopped watching after that season.
Fear the walking dead is so much more exciting. It too will be stale by season 4.
That is what happens with most shows like this. They just get repetitive after 3 or 4 seasons and lose quality of story.
The only people i know who still watch "the walking dead" are people who do it out of habit despite them admitting it isnt still interesting.
Posted 01/28/16 at 08:59:23

Not as good as The Walking Dead, but if it was it would get cancelled very quickly, as happens to most of the better programs. Even so a very good start>
Posted 01/03/16 at 22:01:06

I love the Walking Dead, but the writing does need to be improved and there are episodes that we actually dislike. However, for whatever reason, I liked Fear the Walking Dead. Not fond of the new character or many of the decisions the cast is required to make in performances.
Posted 11/04/15 at 19:34:11

All of you that say's this show sucks, you suck

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Kim Dickens (Madison)
Cliff Curtis (Travis)
Frank Dillane (Nick)
Alycia Debnam-Carey (Alicia)
Elizabeth Rodriguez (Liza)
Mercedes Mason (Ofelia)
Rubén Blades (Daniel)
Lorenzo James Henrie (Chris)
Sandrine Holt (Bethany)