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Fear the Walking Dead

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Aug 23, 2015 - Present




Drama / Horror


Madison - Kim DickensTravis - Cliff CurtisNick - Frank DillaneAlicia - Alycia Debnam-CareyLiza - Elizabeth RodriguezOfelia - Mercedes MasonDaniel - Ruben BladesChris - Lorenzo James HenrieBethany - Sandrine Holt

A companion series to The Walking Dead following the start of the zombie apocalypse.

Before the terrifying apocalypse seen in The Walking Dead, there was a time when society was in a gradual decline leading towards unforeseen catastrophic events.

In Los Angeles, California, a new group of characters, including a divorced teacher and a guidance counselor, must face the circumstances that set in motion the beginning of the end.

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12/08/17 at 12:22pm

The gay scene was disgusting and should not have aired. Heterosexual children should not have been exposed to that either.

Too much politically inclusive fringe groups spoil a possibly good show. These have to stop including gay, political and religious content. Idiot writers! Idiots!
10/31/17 at 02:33pm

I have to say this because it just bothers me. I am an avid horror fan and because of that, I have seen my fair share of movies with subtitles so I really don't get the complaining about one episode that was in Spanish. Big deal. If you love horror, and I mean truly love the horror genre, then you've "read" the TV plenty of times. Ok. There. Enough of that. The main problem with this show is Madison. Well, actually Madison and her kids. Well, actually everyone but Strand. Can we start over? I really think we should start over.
09/12/17 at 11:45am

I tried. I really did, but Madison is annoying, her daughter is annoying, her son is annoying. I stuck it out through season one even though I wasn't hooked. Watched season 2 with mild interest, but season 3 has done me in. I really don't care what happens to any of these people. Even Strand, who is the only character I care for, meeting back up with the group again couldn't save this show for me. I'm out.
06/19/17 at 09:38am

Am I the only one that thinks these episodes where they only show one or two of the characters lowers the show quality and not to mention ratings? I was so annoyed last night I changed the channel. I'm tired of watching both of the walking dead shows so choppy. It's not that I don't care about what the characters are doing, I just don't want to watch an hour of just them. SO FRUSTRATING!!
06/18/17 at 06:29pm

Stopped watching tonight, 1/2 hour and not one word in English? WHO wants to READ a TV show? Wont be surprised if cancelled, and will be if not!
mike dobey
04/15/17 at 06:34pm

WE all remember how bad the first season was. But after that it's been a solid show. And it improves constantly. Season four is ok'd, and we haven't even seen three yet!
04/14/17 at 04:17pm

The show is improving, but must continue to improve. The apocalypse is fully upon them now..... It seems to me, that they should be going a little different route from the walking dead. Maybe more of an effort on the zombie part of the apocalypse rather than the live vs. live drama.
03/20/17 at 09:18pm

Blah cast blah characters blah story was only watching rooting for all the self righteous losers to die horribly
06/08/16 at 11:56pm

05/09/16 at 08:45pm

Dakota what are you talking about? This show not only is the complete opposite of what you would call "A Stale Show" but has shattered records in viewers tuning in on Sunday nights. Other than the "walkers" munching on people & bringing in comic book villains to spice it up but the story evolves and changes up every season. Especially Season 6 as it was compelling writing & acting. Maybe you haven't read the comics (where show was based off of) but now Season 7 (airing in October 2016) should be dynamic as one of the biggest villains of all-time if not the scariest and biggest name in comic book history (Negan) was formally introduced in season 6 finale setting up a huge start for season 7 , which is expected to break even more records in late night tv drama history. Like I said "stale" show? Not even close

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