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TV Tidbit: Season 4 of Fresh Off the Boat premieres on Tuesday, Oct 3 at 8:30pm.

Fresh Off the Boat

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Network: ABC

A comedy loosely based on the life of chef Eddie Huang and his memoir by the same name.

Inspired by a true story, this comedy takes places in 1995 when 11-year-old Eddie Huang has arrived in the suburbs of Orlando after moving there with his family from D.C. Quickly they find out that things there are quite different than they are used to - for starters there is no Chinatown like there is in Washington.

Eddie's dad is chasing the American dream and opens a western food restaurant, while his mother struggles with the differences in culture between her old life and her new one.

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Posted 04/26/17 at 01:11:20

I LOVE THIS SHOW!! It mirrors very accurately my growing up as part Chinese in indulgent N. America. My mother could out-do Constance Wu's passive-aggression.
Chinese families pride themselves on teaching their kids to be self-restrained, AND THIS SHOW EXPRESSES THAT VERY WELL WITH GENTLE HUMOUR: sometimes the boys get it; sometimes you sense their seething need to rebel and express that in other ways, which are never violent because violence goes against the ever-constant Chinese need for disciplined thinking and self examination even at an early age.
This restraint extends to never allowing summer vacation time for most Chinese kids, who spend it in summer educational tutorials. Smart alec remarks and "clever" behaviour from the boys are hardly on this show because they are hardly present in real Chinese families.THIS SHOW'S FUNNY SIDE is seeing the gentle humour on how these kids handle being self-restrained.....shaped by 7000 years of cultivated restraint, LOL.
Posted 03/21/17 at 15:56:37

This show has no funny scenes at all, its lame.
Posted 10/07/16 at 21:14:40

LOVE this show!! And I'm Asian. All White people dont act like the "o'Neal's" and black people don't act "Blackish".
This is TV. As long as your laughing, it's funny. If your not laughing than this shows not for you.
Posted 09/06/16 at 12:20:29

Watched one episode, didn't laugh at all, this is ABC for ya, they think they have comedies, guess the jokes on them. Horrible show.
Posted 10/14/15 at 09:49:34

In my house we call this show "Fresh Off the Butt" because that's what it sounds like they're saying in the theme music :P
The Specialist
Posted 06/11/15 at 10:17:15

I have a few Asian friends. I don't see them acting this way.
Posted 04/08/15 at 11:08:31

Eddie Huang said that the pilot was a good representation of his life, but since then it bears no resemblance to his vision. Apparently Hollywood can't tell a true story without screwing it up.
Posted 04/07/15 at 17:56:54

Posted 03/13/15 at 06:36:51

best comedy on tv atm
Posted 02/26/15 at 12:08:18

My family and I LOVE this show. Giving consideration to the fact that it takes place in 1995 and is based on the true story of Eddie Huang, I give kudos to ABC for NOT being politically correct and letting it play out according to the time period it represents. I love the actors (especially the mother) and we think it is hilarious -- right up there with The Middle about average middle-class hard-working people. I hope ABC has enough brains to keep this around long enough to find its audience. We'll keep watching for sure!

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Genre: Comedy

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Hudson Yang (Eddie)
Randall Park (Louis)
Constance Wu (Jessica)
Ian Chen (Evan)
Forrest Wheeler (Emery)