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Network: Fox

A comedy following a bachelor who suddenly discovers he is a grandfather.

Jimmy Martino is a successful restauranteur and the consummate bachelor. His easygoing lifestyle comes to an abrupt halt with the surprise appearance of his adult son and his baby daughter. Going from single to grandfather overnight is a big change that will force Jimmy to unlearn a lifestyle of selfishness in record time.

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Posted 09/04/16 at 21:32:48

So disappointed this show was cancelled! The networks suck!
Posted 07/31/16 at 02:00:41

I really enjoyed this show. I felt it was quirky and light perfect half hour sitcom. Stop canceling good shows ugh...
Posted 05/31/16 at 10:20:55

SO disappointing that Fox had a GREAT show and now they've cancelled it. Great cast, good story lines, and they leave it with Jimmy at the Cure concert?
Please, SOMEONE pick up this show! Don't let another good show disappear.
Posted 05/24/16 at 21:31:44

WHY!!! It was funny. Stop playing roulette with us!
Posted 05/19/16 at 07:25:57

This was a cute show. Predictable? Yes, but the quirky characters made it worth it. I would love a season2.
Posted 05/16/16 at 14:46:05

dang it I am SO UPSET! I looked forward to this show as soon as I heard about it (josh peck is one of my favorite young comedic actors) and it did NOT DISAPPOINT! so what went wrong? it was adorable, funny, and come on, who doesn't love them some john stamos? such a shame.
Erica F.
Posted 05/16/16 at 10:56:14

No no no! Love this show! It was cute and laugh out loud funny! Give it a chance!
Posted 05/14/16 at 15:03:28

Dang it! I love this show!!!
Posted 04/18/16 at 19:20:38

Is Grandfather still on or was it cancelled?
Natasha Bouie
Posted 04/13/16 at 21:07:38

Love it!!!!!!

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Genre: Comedy

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John Stamos (Jimmy)
Josh Peck (Gerald)
Paget Brewster (Sara)
Christina Milian (Vanessa)
Kelly Jenrette (Annelise)
Ravi Patel (Ken)