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A comedy following an on-the-run slacker who assumes the identity of a small-town gay pastor.

Buddy Dobbs is a gambling addict and all-around slacker on the run from a loan shark. After ending up in a small town, he steals a man's identity and poses as the town's new gay pastor.

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Posted 02/28/17 at 02:12:37

I truly enjoyed this show. It wasn't realistic but it was genuinely funny. Sorry it's cancelled.
Posted 02/22/17 at 02:00:35

TvLander, I watched this show. In fact, I was even following a twitter account just for Impastor fans. So you saying nobody watched it is incorrect. You saying it was a bad show is incorrect. Overall, you're incorrect.
You are incorrect.
Posted 02/11/17 at 11:58:37

Tvland cancelled this because it got low ratings. It god low ratings because no one watched it. No one watched it because it was bad. It was cancelled because it was bad.
This was a bad show.
The wirters
Posted 02/11/17 at 11:55:21

Who ever made this show hates it's viewers. They act like the viewers won't notice that the church did no work to protect themselves and just accepted anybody off the street. A person in church would have googled the pastor during the first service and found out he was an impOster and ended the show after 1 episode. So dumb. Good writers would have worked out the problems instead of making a bumbling lazy show.
Posted 12/13/16 at 18:52:19

Never heard of it
Posted 08/30/15 at 22:31:47

I'm more of a sci-fi or drama person, but I LOVE Impastor!!! It is, by far, the funniest show I've seen in years!! I can't wait for every new episode and when it's over it always feels like it was too short and leaves me wanting more. I hope that Buddy and crew get to come back for several more seasons!!!
Posted 08/19/15 at 21:09:53

This show is awesome, and just hilarious. Not really recommend for youngling with some strong language, and crude humor. But me and all my friends love it. Would recommend it to anyone. Also it airs on both TV Land and Nickelodeon simultaneously and while its in standard definition in TV land is HD on nick.
Posted 07/28/15 at 14:19:35

TV Land has a hit on its hands. This show is sharp, funny, and disrespectful all at once. If anyone is offended, then you don't have a sense of humor.
Posted 07/15/15 at 11:21:10

I might give this and the other new show a shot if my Comcast/Xfinity had this channel in HD! Since they don't - I won't watch any shows on TVLand.

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Genre: Comedy

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Michael Rosenbaum (Buddy)
Sara Rue (Dora)
Mircea Monroe (Alexa)
Mike Kosinski (Russell)
Aimee Garcia (LeeAnne)
David Rasche (Alden)