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Ink Master: Redemption

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Network: Spike

A spin-off series offering former Ink Master tattoo recipients the chance for new ink.

What happens to the disgruntled human canvases that walk away unhappy from their Ink Master experience? If they're lucky, they get an offer from Ink Master: Redemption to return to the shop and receive a new tattoo that will hopefully have them leaving happier the second time around.

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Posted 10/21/15 at 15:25:41

You've got to be kidding! Morons unhappy with their first disfigurement, returning to try again? I'm not sure which side of the screen has the greater level of mindlessness... If you want to see idiots with multiple, usually bad, tattoos just check out the gals walking around your local WAL-MART; at least you'll get to avoid the commercial interruptions.

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Genre: Reality

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