Into the Badlands

- Cancelled -
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Nov 15, 2015 - May 06, 2019




Drama / Action


Sunny - Daniel WuThe Widow - Emily BeechamJade - Sarah BolgerRyder - Oliver StarkLydia - Orla BradyTilda - Ally IoannidesWaldo - Stephen LangRingo - Yohance Myles

A martial arts drama following a warrior and young boy on a journey through a feudal land.

Loosely based on the classic Chinese tale, Journey to the West, this martial arts-based action drama follows a great warrior and a young boy who journey through a perilous land controlled by feudal barons in the hopes of finding enlightenment.

Comments (20)

04/06/19 at 12:19pm

Pfffff SHAME on AMC!!
That show was great and original... very good and impressive martial art fights.
Please Netflix or Amazon, save that show too! :D
Troy simmons
02/22/19 at 12:03pm

what the hell? this show was awesome
Thomas Tesoriero
02/15/19 at 09:10am

Great show... terrible that it was cancelled
Simon Sotiriou
10/24/18 at 04:13am

I like the show too. I hope they renewed for the 4th season.
12/11/17 at 01:56pm

Very good show , I really like it. Not alot of overt supernatural stuff, which is good! I imagine it could go at least two (2) more seasons.
mike dobey
04/27/17 at 05:53pm

It's a cool show. But of course it's a chinese martial arts type of series too. With people who fly as they fight. And of course they don't use guns much!. But it has good actors and a good story line so you won't mind at all! and it's coming back again!.
03/20/17 at 03:58pm

The one thing I liked most about this show was the way they cast off Quinn in S1. Only to find it was all a fakeout, just like every other craptastic show out there. That makes it even worse.
I'm not sure I'm up for a season two having to watch that guy again.
06/25/16 at 10:17pm

BAD ASS! Amazing!
02/04/16 at 07:50pm

I like this one. For some reason it reminds me of Heavy Metal magazine.
01/31/16 at 10:42am

Love this show! I'm glad I gave this one a chance! No regrets. If it is interfering with your other shows, Aimee, get a Direct Tv Genie and your problem is solved!

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