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Into the Badlands

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Network: AMC

A martial arts drama following a warrior and young boy on a journey through a feudal land.

Loosely based on the classic Chinese tale, Journey to the West, this martial arts-based action drama follows a great warrior and a young boy who journey through a perilous land controlled by feudal barons in the hopes of finding enlightenment.

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mike dobey
Posted 04/27/17 at 17:53:06

It's a cool show. But of course it's a chinese martial arts type of series too. With people who fly as they fight. And of course they don't use guns much!. But it has good actors and a good story line so you won't mind at all! and it's coming back again!.
Posted 03/20/17 at 15:58:49

The one thing I liked most about this show was the way they cast off Quinn in S1. Only to find it was all a fakeout, just like every other craptastic show out there. That makes it even worse.
I'm not sure I'm up for a season two having to watch that guy again.
Posted 06/25/16 at 22:17:01

BAD ASS! Amazing!
Posted 02/04/16 at 19:50:40

I like this one. For some reason it reminds me of Heavy Metal magazine.
Posted 01/31/16 at 10:42:12

Love this show! I'm glad I gave this one a chance! No regrets. If it is interfering with your other shows, Aimee, get a Direct Tv Genie and your problem is solved!
Posted 01/01/16 at 09:18:57

I really like this show and so do my friends. Please let it come back.
Posted 12/28/15 at 07:24:19

I have not enjoyed a series like this since The Seaker first season. Please reconsder endng it. It clearly has more to grow and should be cost effective. for thoes who think it is too violent. That depends on the age and maturity of the viewer. It is fiction. Adults make a choice children listen to your parents.
Posted 12/24/15 at 15:57:44

This is totally difference, and I love it every minutes of it. Very original indeed. Glad to hear the show renewed for the second season. Can't wait for that.
Posted 12/22/15 at 01:38:03

Briliant, really something difffrent for a change, not another zombie series
Posted 12/20/15 at 17:11:06

Best show on tv

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Genre: Drama / Action

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Daniel Wu (Sunny)
Emily Beecham (The Widow)
Sarah Bolger (Jade)
Oliver Stark (Ryder)
Orla Brady (Lydia)
Ally Ioannides (Tilda)
Stephen Lang (Waldo)
Yohance Myles (Ringo)