Life in Pieces

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Sep 21, 2015 - Present






Joan - Dianne WiestJohn - James BrolinJen - Zoe Lister JonesGreg - Colin HanksColleen - Angelique CabralMatt - Thomas SadoskiHeather - Betsy BrandtTim - Dan BakkedahlTyler - Niall CunninghamSamantha - Holly J. BarrettSophia - Giselle Eisenberg

A comedy that tells four weekly stories about the members of one family.

Four separate stories are chronicled each week, following a loveable clan that spans three generations - finding humor in some of life’s everyday absurdities.

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04/04/18 at 01:35pm

The actor who plays Tim should get am Emmy he's wonderful....that episode introducing Clementine was classic!!!!1
03/21/17 at 04:08pm

This show has no funny lines at all, how can anyone like a show that isn't funny?
Ted Rose
04/07/16 at 02:21am

I held off on watching this show because I kept hearing, You gotta watch this show and then proceed to tell me it's just like Modern Family. Two problems with these statements, first off, I have NEVER seen an episode of Modern Family yet because I kept getting told that I HAD to watch it! I am my own man who makes his own decision & refuses to do something I am TOLD to do.... unless my wife tells me to do something, THEN I treat her like my Drill Seargent during Army Basic Training!
04/05/16 at 06:57pm

Best comedy in years. Get better each episode.
Jes Carruthers
04/03/16 at 04:42pm

Absolutely the best show hands down!!!
Gail &Arnie
04/01/16 at 06:31pm

This is one of the best shows on t.v.
We laugh our sides off and can't wait till the next time it is on.
Keep it coming!!!
04/01/16 at 10:28am

LIFE IN PIECES is a funny show! I love it! Especially the character of Tim. (Dan Bakkedahl) I laugh so much that my face hurts! Can not WAIT for next season!
03/31/16 at 08:15pm

Best show ever! Hysterical. Just love it.
02/04/16 at 00:43am

BESSSST SHOW.....GREAAAT CAST....LITERALLY LOL!!!!! My friend IN TEXAS and I LAFF every week rehashing each show. JUST WHAT TGE WORLD NEEDS!!!!!!
01/16/16 at 01:30am

My husband & I literally laugh out loud watching this show... There is usually at least one scenario we can personally relate to and the others to people we know. Just because the show revolves around an entire family (Dad, mom, kids & their sig. others &/or their kids), saying it is a "cheap copy of modern family" is ludicrous. Modern family is equally funny, but the kids & sig others are all so completely different from those on 'Life in Pieces' As are the plots and stories of each episode.

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