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Network: CBS

A drama following the events that take place after the film of the same name.

Picking up after the events of the film, a man named Brian Finch discovers the power of a mysterious drug that gives him access to 100% of his brain power. When word gets out, he is coerced into using his newfound abilities for good.

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Posted 10/15/16 at 00:45:07

I loved this show idk why u all keep canceling the good shows in a min we wont have anything to watch
Sara Canary
Posted 10/03/16 at 19:26:27

What? No! Me and my hubby always looked forward to the next episode! Not many shows are like that. Sure some shows I'll watch, but we always watched it the night it aired! 😢
Posted 09/24/16 at 18:33:04

Jake McDorman was good in Greek, but in Limitless he is brilliant.
Why would they cancel a story that entertains you in many ways; mystery, spys, comedy, disconnected romance? One hour of fun is now gone.
Please resurrect Limitless. It's not too late.
Posted 09/04/16 at 21:27:07

Wth?? Why are all these great shows being cancelled? We loved this show!
Posted 08/16/16 at 15:37:36

The really crazy thing? This show has been cancelled for a while now. It's just been picked up and will be showing on TV soon here in Quebec in French. The show's cancelled. It's being licensed for broadcast. It's cancelled. Run that a few more times in your head, see if it makes any sense to you, because it certainly makes none for me.
These execs are cancelling so many freaking shows for no goddamn reason that TV channels here have to license dead shows to translate and broadcast. Because nobody wants Cooking Pawn Talent Show #589430942. Absolutely insane.
Posted 07/15/16 at 05:55:48

Kind of sad to see it go, but with the amount of great shows out there it was uncertain if this would hold on. Awesome concept tying it in with the movie even for a short while. I found the show fun and entertaining. It was great to see Jennifer Carpenter again.
Oh well. Onward!!
Posted 07/10/16 at 18:12:43

Cancelled? Are you crazy! We loved this show... Very sad
Raymond Tekker
Posted 06/20/16 at 19:36:01

Chris Sweeny tweeted "I'm truly sad to report that Limitless will not continue on any platform. Thanks so much to everyone who watched."
CBS tried to move the show to both Amazon and Netflix but they had no interest.
Oh well, at least it had somewhat of an ending.
Posted 06/07/16 at 18:18:10

What a let down... loved the show, and looking at the above ratings I don't know why they would cancel it. Worst part is it will probably be cancelled to do another dumb reality show, or comic movie adaptation... smh
Posted 06/04/16 at 05:26:48

I am so sick and tired of the major networks airing good shows for just one season that I have decided to NOT watch any more NEW series on the Major networks CBS, NBC, ABC just a waste of time. I'll wait until they show up on NETFLIX. I am sick and tired of Reality shows, Game Shows, and Jock shows taking over Prime time.

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Genre: Drama

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Jake McDorman (Brian)
Jennifer Carpenter (Rebecca)
Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio (Naz)
Hill Harper (Boyle)
Bradley Cooper (Eddie)