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A reality series following the life of a woman suffering from Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome.

Whitney Thore is an average girl from a small town in North Carolina. She was once a slender dancer but during college unexpectedly gained 200 pounds over the course of a single year due to Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS).

It took Whitney quite some time to deal with the life-changing effects of her condition, but now she is content with her body and has a fresh outlook on life.

Currently living with her parents, Whitney is getting prepared to venture out on her own and claim her independence in a world that judges people by their size.

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Posted 09/18/17 at 18:37:25

Meet the putmans really !!!! 25 people under 1 roof , just a really stupid show
Posted 09/18/17 at 14:38:42

Whitney and her parents are great! Loved watching it, and hope they bring it back on. It is so much more entertaining than people shopping for wedding dresses, or 90 day fiance. LOL, where do they come up with those shows anyway?
Posted 09/13/17 at 18:46:39

Think my big fat fabulous life lost its direction and meaning. It became a sex show and Whitney did not care male or female.She was self centered and cared about no one but herself. She talked horrible to her parents. I believe removing this from TV is a plus. Bringing the little couple back is a big plus. Really think Whitney needs some counseling
kenny gibbs
Posted 09/10/17 at 17:01:55

me and my wife love the show hope it comes back
DAMELIA Shewchuk
Posted 09/07/17 at 23:27:50

When is Whitney coming back , we love her show , Love her Mom and Dad too,
Madeline Bade
Posted 08/29/17 at 17:19:40

I am so dissapointed that Whitneys show has been cancelled. Her spirit and her strength is so awesome. She is an incredible young woman and an inspiration to us all. Please..please bring Whitney and her family and friends back.
Lita Pita
Posted 08/22/17 at 20:25:12

I love this show. Whit is a realistic loving and funny person. I feel like the people who talk about her really haven't watched the show to be frank. Stop judging people just because Yoy have issues with fat people. It's ugly and hypocritical.
Posted 08/11/17 at 01:56:51

Courtney Kline
Posted 08/06/17 at 18:01:22

I feel like people saying she is a "" have absolutely no ability to empathize with what she's going through. She works on her physical health throughout the show and off the air way more than most morbidly obese people do. Everyone breaks down and has moments of self indulgence ESPECIALLY in this country considering we are the most selfish, overly lavish lifestyle society in the world. Watching her battle with her weight is not only inspiring to me, but with A LOT of people that watch her show, and for people who say she makes too many excuses and contradicts herself on her eating and physical habits don't even have the right to "throw the first stone" (I mean that literally and metaphorically.) She is an amazing woman who I personally have a huge amount of respect for.
Monica bale
Posted 08/01/17 at 17:53:05

I love Whitney she makes me realize there is more to me than my weight ,when people make fun of me I think of her and her struggles and I keep going, and I'm losing weight by being positive and happy with me.Thank you Whitney your my hero

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