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My Big Fat Fabulous Life

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A reality series following the life of a woman suffering from Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome.

Whitney Thore is an average girl from a small town in North Carolina. She was once a slender dancer but during college unexpectedly gained 200 pounds over the course of a single year due to Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS).

It took Whitney quite some time to deal with the life-changing effects of her condition, but now she is content with her body and has a fresh outlook on life.

Currently living with her parents, Whitney is getting prepared to venture out on her own and claim her independence in a world that judges people by their size.

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Posted 07/04/17 at 05:52:34

why is my big fat fabulous life is not coming back on anymore me and mom sister also my dad are very sad come back on tv tell the people
Posted 04/21/17 at 00:16:12

April18 th episode what a JOKE SPRAINED TOE. SHE FLEW DOWN THE HOSPITAL HALL NO BOOT IT'S A MIRACLE,,,,,,CAN't T TEACH CLASS BUT IS READY TO TAKE OFF WITH The FITNESS MARSHALL,!!! She is so self centered,spoiled brat,it has to be ME me me
Connie black
Posted 02/02/17 at 09:48:03

Doesn't live in real world. What's with all the junk food in her car?? Takes birth control sporadically? Grow up, you're not a teenager
Connie black
Posted 02/02/17 at 09:45:32

Spoiled brat doesn't live in the real world!!!!! Feel sorry for her parents
Posted 06/23/16 at 12:43:56

I thought this show was about someone trying to get control of her life and health. It is the opposite, last night's show there was a scene where Whitney's dad brought her some healthy items and portion control containers. She laughed and basically said she wasn't going to do anything drastic about her food choices. She is going to end up killing herself, and she already had a scare.
Cheryl Martsch
Posted 04/03/16 at 19:03:49

I watch your channel all the time, but why is the show, 'My Big Fat Fabulous Life' with Whitney Thorpe not being renewed for a 3rd Season? Whitney Thorpe is one of the most inspiring people on TV today! I am appalled that you TLC would even second guess the renewal of this Showa! There are enough shows on that are either depressing, or absolutely uninspiring! PLEASE PUT WHITNEY, HER FAMILY HER AWESOME FRIENDS & HER BOYFRIEND BACK ON TLC!!! I used to so look forward to watching this program!
Teresa ward
Posted 03/07/16 at 16:44:35

Whitney is so inspiring to me and millions of people! When I watched her show I felt so happy inside that she could be so brave! I just love her and your channel! Please have her return! She's fabulous!!!! She's a blessing!

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