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A drama set in a world where regular humans and those with superpowers co-exist.

Christian Walker and Deena Pilgrim are homicide detectives who investigate special cases involving people who have extraordinary abilities. Christian was once one of them, but had his abilities taken from him.

These people, known as Powers, co-exist alongside regular humans in society but don't necessarily use their gifts for good. Instead, everything from endorsement deals to mischief and even murder can be found.

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Posted 09/20/16 at 12:42:56

1st season was OK and made me want to see what happened next. 2nd season (well, 1st 4-5 eps) was below average and boring and I had no idea what was going on (probably cause I "switched off" through boredom whilst watching it). Not surprised it got cancelled.
michael dobey
Posted 08/03/16 at 22:49:29

playstation has shows? well this sounds like a fun show. oh well it's cancelled.

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Genre: Drama

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Sharlto Copley (Christian)
Susan Heyward (Deena)
Olesya Rulin (Calista)
Logan Browning (Zora)
Michael Madsen (Supershock)
Raul Casso (Sgt. Martinez)
Max Fowler (Krispin)
Tricia Helfer (Lange)
Adam Godley (Emile)