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Network: TNT

A drama following a brilliant surgeon looking for evidence of whether death is truly the end.

Dr. Carolyn Tyler has recently endured the devastating loss of her son, the breakup of her marriage, and a growing estrangement from her daughter. Carolyn is persuaded by cancer-stricken billionaire Ivan Turing to investigate cases of reincarnation, hauntings, and other phenomena.

In her search for evidence that death is not the end, Carolyn experiences a personal and emotional journey in the wake of her son's death.

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Comments (16)

Posted 06/07/16 at 16:50:06

I have never went online to state my opinion,but since I haven't seen previews of the new season of Proof,I went online.Dropped??!!!TNT you are NUTs and have NOT heard or listened to your viewers!One season?I made my schedule to make sure I would never miss it!!You are network idiots!!No redemption for your network from me unless you listen to the viewers!!
Posted 03/24/16 at 19:28:39

This show should not have been cancelled. I am so bummed. It was the only show I watched on TNT. So, not watching TNT anymore because they cancelled a great show!
Posted 03/22/16 at 05:21:52

Please renew this shows. ☺ it was a great show. Why cancel good shows.
Posted 01/13/16 at 01:36:01

One of the most interesting shows out there and they cancel it. I guess I forget TNT, TBS etc are owned by major networks. Now they're doing it to the cable shows.
A great show. New storyline. Great actors. Had a great hook. Bring it BACK PLEASE!
Posted 12/30/15 at 15:38:11

Wow....another good show bites the dust. Thanks TNT. If networks don't/won't stand behind THEIR OWN SHOWS, why should the viewing public?
My mistake in thinking that TNT at least cared for their viewers. Clearly not.
Posted 12/28/15 at 14:39:23

ABC should be cancelled. All the good shows get cancelled.
Posted 12/09/15 at 08:31:15

super amazing! the store is top notch, but once again the network kills it and claims not enough people watch it. renew and bring back proof!
Posted 12/08/15 at 14:45:08

I am beginning to regret coming on to this site today. That's three of the shows I have loved cancelled. Proof was great, however, I didn't like Jennifer Beals' acting. I thought she was wooden and her acting was pretty crap. However, the story line was great. I also loved two other series, including Extant which have also been cancelled. Seems I am running out of things to watch...
Posted 11/30/15 at 17:03:16

I honestly can't believe this show is cancelled : (.... I'm very selective about what I watch and this was one of the best shows I've seen. So totally disappointed!!! TNT do yourself a favor and reconsider that decision.
Posted 10/18/15 at 20:38:14

This is a very different show, please renew it😃

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Genre: Drama

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Jennifer Beals (Carolyn)
Matthew Modine (Ivan)