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A drama following a brilliant pathologist who helps the Miami PD solve challenging cases.

Dr. Beaumont Rosewood is Miami's top private pathologist who performs for-hire autopsies in his sophisticated lab. He is enlisted by the Miami Police Department to help solve some of their most challenging cases by utilizing his abilities to uncover clues that others don't see.

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Posted 04/27/17 at 12:36:19

Love this show and the actors!
Posted 01/19/17 at 15:17:02

Yes! I like this show !
Posted 10/01/16 at 19:03:27

I really enjoy this show. But, there are little things that bug me. I know it is filmed in L.A., but as a Florida resident, I wish they would try a little harder to keep some of the rugged terrain out of some scenes. And, in Florida, vehicle registration plates are only required on the rear. Not the rear and the front. Detail people need to do better research.
Posted 04/20/16 at 19:18:42

It's an interesting show, but they have the car all wrong. It is a 1968 GTO. I had one. The rear bumper goes all around the tail lights. The 1969 rear bumper goes under and along the sides of the taillight. Get a picture from GM. If they they mess up something this obvious, what else is wrong with the show?
Posted 03/08/16 at 21:48:57

Hoping to hear renewed for a second season. Enjoy the wit.
Posted 02/15/16 at 23:58:19

Posted 02/08/16 at 14:03:19

Everytime there is something a little different on TV it ends of getting cancelled. Don't cancel rosewood. Its a pretty good show and different than the lousy comedies that are appearing on TV
Posted 01/27/16 at 08:32:45

One hell of a show! its funny, its entertaining, but sadly I don't see it coming back at all. Fox says that it has produced 22 episodes but only 10 have been shown on tv and Fox took a break on this show at the very begining of december and they have yet to say anything if it is coming back or not. I fear it has been cancelled but I hope I am wrong on this point.
Posted 12/27/15 at 08:58:39

Love this show I'm in my 30's and my 11 yes it's fascinated with the science and the learning that it gives I like the drama as well it's a win win for us
Leon Pearson
Posted 12/26/15 at 16:13:47

Hello, I am 69yrs old, and watching T V is one of the few pleasures I still get joy from doing. This show Rosewood is really one of my favorite sitcom. I really like the dynamic relationship between the doctor, and the cop. It keep me tuning in each and every week, to see how far there foreplay with each other has progress. Please don't cancel this show I like it alot. A real fan.

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Genre: Drama / Crime

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Morris Chestnut (Rosewood)
Jaina Lee Ortiz (Det. Villa)
Gabrielle Dennis (Pippy)
Anna Konkle (Kathy)
Maggie Elizabeth Jones (Bella)