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Schitt's Creek

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A comedy following a couple rebuilding their lives in a small town they own.

Johnny and Moira Rose are a formerly wealthy couple who are forced to rebuild their lives using their only remaining asset, which is a small town called Schitt's Creek that they purchased in the 90's as a joke.

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Posted 05/18/17 at 09:42:42

This show is great!! I love, love, love it. David's my favorite, but I really love all the Roses :-)
Posted 04/01/16 at 18:51:20

Love this show. Raw humour, great Canadian actors.
Glad it was renewed.
Posted 11/10/15 at 07:16:31

This show is from Canadia but I still find it to be very funny, even when I'm sober.
Posted 04/01/15 at 10:28:45

Love this show with it's dry humor and the whole Levy family are hysterically good at comedy😊

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Genre: Comedy

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Eugene Levy (Johnny)
Catherine O'Hara (Moira)
Daniel Levy (David)
Annie Murphy (Alexis)
Sarah Levy (Twyla)
Chris Elliott (Roland)
Jennifer Robertson (Jocelyn)
Emily Hampshire (Stevie)
Tim Rozon (Mutt)
Dustin Milligan (Ted)