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Network: MTV

A horror drama based on slasher film franchise of the same name.

When an online video goes viral and triggers a related murder, problems quickly escalate for the teenagers of Lakewood. The town's troubled past, including everyone's secrets, are brought to light - and everybody is fair game.

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Posted 08/20/16 at 06:40:13

I really hope there is a season 3!!!!! Season 2 was better than season 1 so a 3rd season will, I just know, be even better! So many twists and turns! LOVE LOVE LOVE this show!!!!
Posted 08/18/15 at 01:30:10

True to the genre. I am impressed that MTV is running so many good programs. Scream has a strong cast, a good director, interesting characters and strong scripts. Truly a great serial killer series.
Posted 07/11/15 at 15:20:44

This was renewed today by MTV
Seriously MTV?
Posted 06/23/15 at 18:54:31

This will probably wind up like eye candy, go a few episodes loose steam and only be a single ten episode season.
Posted 06/09/15 at 05:04:37

hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahaha. Plz

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Genre: Drama / Horror

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Willa Fitzgerald (Emma)
Bex Taylor-Klaus (Aubrey)
John Karna (Noah)
Tracy Middendorf (Maggie)
Conner Weil (Will)
Amadeus Serafini (Kieran)
Carlson Young (Brooke)
Jason Wiles (Clark)