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An action drama following the well-known DC Comics character.

Kara Zor-El was born on the planet Krypton and escaped its destruction years ago with her cousin, Clark Kent. On Earth she was taken in by the Danvers family, and she was careful to hide her powers from the world.

Now 24 years old, Kara must learn to embrace her superhuman abilities to be the hero she was always destined to be.

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Posted 10/26/16 at 07:14:49

I know she is married but id still marry her ...melissa benoist is fit as ...
love the show hope it runs at least the same way smallville did ...
mike l
Posted 10/22/16 at 00:13:18

So they cut Cat from the show and bring in Superman who has eye brows twice the size of a normal human.Quick way to destroy a good show. But what else can I expect from the mucky mucks that run the show. Terrible move I feel discusted, cheated, with what was done to a good show. MKL&MK
Stephen barrett
Posted 05/12/16 at 04:15:31

I love everything about it. The acting the effects the closeness of the characters. And I like that most weeks there is a lesson to be learned. Next season give Melissa Beniost the opportunity to sing. Tap into all of you character abilities to sing. Please do not cancel my favorite show. I'm l ase
Posted 05/07/16 at 20:57:36

Watched the first three episodes turned it off permanently. Another great effort by liberals to force their agenda on the public and further destroy the Superman/Supergirl copyright. Ridiculous,mindless lame garbage.
denise sunderland
Posted 04/25/16 at 22:53:00

Renew SuperGirl! I love this show,and I am over 60. :)
McClellan Family
Posted 04/18/16 at 18:15:08

Our daughters love Supergirl and so do their friend in elementary, middle, and high school.
Posted 04/18/16 at 17:54:08

To much girl drama needs more action
Posted 04/13/16 at 12:09:25

Okay, so getting back to what this comment section is supposed to be about--Supergirl--my husband and I love this show. He heard that CBS wasn't sure if they were keeping it or not; well, we vote for CBS to air another season. It's better than most shows out there today.
Posted 04/13/16 at 07:16:30

If my wife decides to leave me that is her choice. She has a good life now but if she thinks she can do better then so be it. As for my children, when they are old enough to make their own decision, i do not care if they date a green person. i probably would not like it but i will accept it because at that time i trust my kid.
What i do not want to happen is for my child to come to me and say "supergirl does it" when they are not grown up enough to process the situation.
Maybe Pal should put a little thought on what their kids are doing or who they are doing or how many they are doing. The kids and and everybody might be better off.
Posted 04/11/16 at 18:19:53

Wow. I see Trump rallies on TV so I knew there were bigoted idiots in my country. I guess I always figured people like Rick and Ron would be smart enough to keep their racist and likely homophobic and misogynistic views to themselves and not strive to propagate them. I enjoy the show and hope that it is renewed. I also sincerely hope that both Rick and Ron's poor significant others (presuming either of them managed to catch and keep someone out of their own bloodline) leave them for minority women, and their kids choose to live with their new mommies in another state. I may love and support the 1st amendment, but for some reason it never seems to be fairly universally applied. I am aware of the irony in my saying that after castigating both of these strangers for voicing their views. I'll blame my mild hypocrisy on one too many slurs and tirades from Trump and those who have all but handed him the keys to the White House being broadcast on TV, and not enough rationality and temperence.

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Genre: Drama / Action

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Melissa Benoist (Kara)
Calista Flockhart (Cat)
Chyler Leigh (Alex)
David Harewood (Hank)
Mehcad Brooks (James)