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Network: NBC

A comedy following a telenovela star and her TV family.

Ana Sofia Calderon is the star of a popular Spanish-language soap opera. The only problem is she doesn't speak a word of the language. On top of that, Ana has to worry about a new boss, jealous cast-mates, and appeasing her demanding friends.

When her ex-husband is hired as her on-screen love interest, Ana's real life takes one step closer to becoming just like a real telenovela - full of love, hate, life and even death.

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Posted 11/18/16 at 11:13:23

Never watched it but my girlfriend is a huge fan of Eva Longoria and said this was so campy and loopy. She liked Eva better in Desperate Housewives.
Posted 05/24/16 at 21:29:32

Aww, this was really funny. Eva Longoria is hilarious and I enjoyed seeing a totally different type of cast! Diversity! Diversity! Diversity!
Posted 05/16/16 at 14:42:53

I love this show! it was funny and endearing, who knew eva longoria was such a good comedic actress? so bummed
Erica F.
Posted 05/16/16 at 10:54:52

No no no!!! This show was unique and laugh out loud funny! I love Eva Longoria and it was great to see her back on TV!
Posted 03/30/16 at 13:14:09

love this show. best show since ugly betty
Posted 03/25/16 at 13:47:53

That is probably one of the most inventive shows. It reminds me of Anchorman in its funniest. Looking forward to a second season in the Old West.
Posted 03/15/16 at 19:44:15

Posted 03/09/16 at 18:44:54

Fabulous show! I love it. Everything from the writing to casting is awesome. I love the "love triangle" that's about to start. I wait to see what's next. Keep it coming. Telenovela and Superstore makes a great start to the week.
Babs Brodie
Posted 02/28/16 at 13:55:56

This show is fantastic. The writing, the outfits,the outrageous telenova outlines. They all come together to form a perfect unit.This is a treasure to watch again and again. The actors are marvelous. They are so enjoyable and such great take offs on soap opera types. I hope we will be able to see more of this wonderful show.
Posted 02/09/16 at 15:39:42

Love! Love! Love! this show. The writing is hilarious and the actors and actresses are all fantastic. Very talented cast and crew. I hope it is renewed!

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Genre: Comedy

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Eva Longoria (Ana Sofia)
Jencarlos Canela (Xavier)
Amaury Nolasco (Rodrigo)
Diana Maria Riva (Mimi)
Jose Moreno Brooks (Gael)
Alex Meneses (Isabela)
Jadyn Douglas (Roxie)
Izzy Diaz (Isaac)