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A drama based on the book by Lily Koppel.

As America's astronauts were embarking on death-defying missions during the height of the space race, there was another story being told about the important women in their lives back at home.

The lives of these seven astronaut's wives were transformed practically overnight, going from military spouses to American royalty even as tragedy began touching their families.

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Comments (13)

Posted 10/15/15 at 10:04:45

I liked the story, plus the really interesting clothes or hairstyles may not be coming back, they still made the show fun to watch. I read alot about NASA's history back then, and it was interesting for sure.
Posted 09/22/15 at 01:42:07

I Loved this started off slow.....but I stayed with it because of the content - wanted to see where it would go.....I looked forward to it every week. Sad to see it go but it seems like it ended where it should have.
It was a Great reminder of a past time and how far women have come and still have to go. I did love the wardrobe and hair styles....reminded me of my Mom and Aunts.....some Great memories....Loved seeing that time from the Wives point of view. It was a Good one. Please bring us more TV like this one even if only a mini series it's still better than the REAL Housewives (CRAP)and some of the other JUNK on TV NOW. Thank You for this Show.
randy fox
Posted 09/15/15 at 08:08:54

I loved this show. Of course I remember all of the events and I think it was very interesting to see another side of the astronauts. Though I am sad it is concluded I think it probably ended where it should have.
Posted 09/02/15 at 17:31:37

I love the show. It needs to return for a second season. All of us baby boomers need a chance to have a show on tv that we can relate to. Stop making tv for the younger set. We watch tv too.
Posted 08/23/15 at 18:04:48

I really enjoyed watching this show. But I also like short mini series because they ends before I get bored with them. I think they should make more short mini series
Posted 08/21/15 at 14:30:14

I really liked this show. I am very sad to see it go!
Posted 08/20/15 at 18:09:02

Tonight's episode (Landing) is the series finale. The show was billed as a 10-episode limited series. I'm not happy about it either. :'(
Private Detective
Posted 08/07/15 at 08:48:50

I saw last night's episode and if it was any indication, next weeks episode (to be aired Thursday July 13th) will be the finale'. Finale' of what? Season finale'? Series finale'?
Private Detective
Posted 08/03/15 at 13:06:37

I only hope the writers keep it historically accurate.
Posted 07/20/15 at 10:18:28

Crossing my fingers for this one. Although even after the pilot, I thought the chances of renewal would be just felt like something was missing. Now I find myself looking forward to it every week....

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Genre: Drama

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Dominique McElligott (Louise)
Yvonne Strahovski (Rene)
Odette Annable (Trudy)
Joanna GarcĂ­a (Betty)
Erin Cummings (Marge)
Azure Parsons (Annie)
Zoe Boyle (Jo)
Desmond Harrington (Alan)
Bret Harrison (Gordo)
Aaron McCusker (Wally)
Kenneth Mitchell (Deke)
Wilson Bethel (Scott)