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The Bastard Executioner

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Network: FX

A drama following a 14th century warrior who becomes an executioner.

Wilkin Brattle is a 14th century warrior in northern Wales whose life changes when a divine messenger implores him to lay down his sword and lead the life of a journeyman executioner.

In a time of rebellion and political unrest, Wilkin must protect his true identity while also serving a mysterious destiny and trying to understand his greater purpose.

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Posted 10/21/16 at 21:38:22

Had hopes for this one early on, but it became too rambling, unfocused, and repetitive to maintain interest.
Posted 09/04/16 at 21:36:54

We really enjoyed this show. It makes us not want to watch TV anymore because our favorite shows seem to get cancelled all the time.
Carla & Ray McDonald
Posted 06/27/16 at 11:06:10

Kurt Sutter is a big baby, who was disappointed that this show was not INSTANTLY a giant hit like Sons of Anarchy, so he pitched a hissy fit and cancelled it. I loved this show - which showed at a ridiculously late hour, that I stayed awake for. If given a bit longer chance, it could have become a hit.
Posted 02/06/16 at 22:26:40

You did not give it a long enough chance. I liked the show.Put it back on.
Posted 01/21/16 at 16:39:25

I loved it and hope they change their minds about airing another season.
Posted 01/21/16 at 16:38:18

I loved it and hope they change their minds about airing another season
Posted 01/17/16 at 18:48:57

No! I really liked this show. Figures. Every new show I like ends up getting cancelled. Boo.
Posted 12/28/15 at 14:27:49

I really enjoyed the show and characters. Yes, it was hard to keep up with what the storyline was and how Anora fit in with it all. But the graphics were spot on, the language was awesome. Except for Anora, I have no idea what kind of accent she was trying to put on, but it was just as ugly as her character! Thank you Kurt Sutter for a wonderful show. So sorry to see it go before all was resolved!!
Posted 12/23/15 at 13:02:15

Here's another show where I couldn't tell what they were saying without turning in closed caption. Gemma, I mean Anora... I understood what she was saying. Good job, Katey😊
Posted 11/23/15 at 06:52:43

they took a huge swing with the axe and missed the mark!

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Genre: Drama

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Lee Jones (Wilkin)
Stephen Moyer (Milus)
Brían F. O’Byrne (Baron)
Flora Spencer-Longhurst (Love)
Kurt Sutter (The Dark Mute)
Kyle Rees (Calo)
Sam Spruell (Toran)
Katey Sagal (Annora)