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The Brink

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Network: HBO

A dark comedy following a geopolitical crisis and its effect on three men.

When a geopolitical crisis occurs, top United States government and military officials scramble to prevent World War 3 from happening amidst the chaos. Three desperate men feel these effects: Walter Larson, the US Secretary of State; Alex Talbot, a Foreign Service officer; and Zeke Tilson, a Navy fighter pilot.

Together, these three compromised souls must endure the chaos surrounding them to save the planet from the next World War.

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Posted 03/02/16 at 06:48:13

Donny, there are more comments under the "HBO Cancels The Brink" article...
Posted 03/02/16 at 05:21:03

What happened to all the comments here? Oh well, just here to say this series should have never been cancelled. HBO sure has a history of cancelling great series too early.
John Wagner
Posted 07/15/15 at 06:01:01

Surprised no word on HBO on renewal yet, probably not a good sign.
Show keeps getting better and better.
Posted 06/22/15 at 18:19:48

Enjoyed the pilot. Found it to be very funny and entertaining. I really found Tim Robbins and Jack Black to be excellent. Have high hopes for this show!

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Genre: Comedy

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Tim Robbins (Walter)
Jack Black (Alex)
Pablo Schreiber (Zeke)
Aasif Mandvi (Rafiq)
Maribeth Monroe (Kendra)
Carla Gugino (Joanne)
Mimi Kennedy (Susan)
Jaimie Alexander (Gail)
Geoff Pierson (Pierce)
Esai Morales (Julian)
Eric Ladin (Glenn)
Melanie Kannokada (Fareeda)
Mary Faber (Ashley)
Meera Syal (Naeema)