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The Comedians

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Network: FX

A comedy following a comic legend who is reluctantly paired with an up-and-comer for a sketch comedy show.

After comedy legend Billy Crystal gets turned down for a sketch comedy show centered on himself, the network agrees to a re-branded version of his show featuring edgier, up-and-coming comic Josh Gad.

Billy reluctantly agrees, and The Billy & Josh show is born. Naturally, their generational divide and inflated egos cause friction behind the scenes - with the show's staff caught in the middle.

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Posted 08/31/15 at 17:47:43

Yeah that was expected. They tried to make Billy Crystal human, but never mentioned the Oscar incident. People tried to sell the idea that he was once funny, but that is impossible to do. They tried to act like Josh Gad was just misunderstood. He was just not right for some roles.
Posted 08/05/15 at 02:49:42

This was a hilarious series with an outstanding cast. This cancelation is unfathomable.
Posted 07/24/15 at 10:49:46

How in the BLUE HELL could this show NOT be renewed?!? One of the funniest comedies to come along in a LONG time! ARGH!!!!!!!!!!
Netflix or Amazon, are you paying attention??

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Genre: Comedy

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Billy Crystal (Billy)
Josh Gad (Josh)
Matt Oberg (Mitch)
Stephnie Weir (Kristen)
Megan Ferguson (Esme)
Dana Delany (Julie)