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The Island

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Network: NBC

A reality series where modern men are challenged to survive on a deserted island.

No prizes. No eliminations. No winner. This reality series has one simple goal: to find out if men of today's modern world can survive on a remote island without the luxuries of everyday life.

14 American men are left on a deserted island, isolated with only the clothes on their backs and minimal survival tools, and tasked with filming every moment themselves. With none of today's modern conveniences, they must hunt and gather their own food, build shelter, and try to survive. Each man is pushed to their physical, mental and emotional limits as they fight for their very existence.

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Comments (3)

Posted 06/03/15 at 23:39:03

the Brit version is 100% better
Posted 05/17/15 at 05:54:45

I would complain about another reality show too, but I watched the uk version of this and its pretty good. Now that being said 1/2 the shows that come over are no where near as good. So who knows.
The Dipper
Posted 04/02/15 at 05:24:00

Another reality show. When will it all end. NBC you disappoint me.

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