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The Jim Gaffigan Show

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A comedy following a stand-up comedian who lives with his family in a small New York apartment.

Partially based on the real life of comedian Jim Gaffigan and his wife Jeannie, this comedy follows the couple's struggle raising five children in a two-bedroom apartment in New York City.

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Posted 02/26/17 at 19:33:51

I love his standup, but you can only watch a fat lazy dad complain about having to spend time with his kids so many times before it's not funny anymore. Main 2 scenes of the show: Jim lying on the couch in sweats shoving chips in his face, arguing with his wife that he shouldn't have to go to the (insert any parenting activity here); or Jim in sweats with kids and a stroller at a food truck shoving tacos in his face and between bites complaining to one of many interchangeable childless friends that he can't have fun like they do because "he has kids...aarrrgghhh!" Good riddance.
Posted 12/01/16 at 15:34:42

Everything about the Jim Gaffigan show is fantastic. The writing, the main characters, the guest actors, the jokes and especially Jim Gaffigan. He's adorable, funny, nuanced and self deprecating. From reading the above comments I think TV Land viewers must be old foggies with no sense of humor. I hope they move this show to network TV or HBO where people with a sense of humor can find it and enjoy it. Brilliant show. By the way why are people who admit they've never watched the show posting reviews. I guess these are the same people who vote without knowing the issues.
Posted 10/28/16 at 17:27:33

He is disgusting. Never watched the show. The ads for the show turned me off.
Posted 09/15/16 at 10:18:18

Never watched it I knew it was going to be bad
Posted 09/08/16 at 11:15:34

Thank you, finally I can enjoy king of queens at night again without seeing commercials for this every 10mins.Gaffigan is the worst comic to make it as far as he did,horrible stand up,horrible acting. Just slip away and stay gone
Posted 08/23/16 at 15:25:36

To the person that said it was stupid and to cancel was cancelled that's the point of this article lol
Posted 08/22/16 at 17:29:50

Season 1 was good. I enjoyed it. Ground breaking hilarious -- no, but funny and enjoyable. I like Jim G -- and I actually liked the short time when he took over the Late Late Show for a few episodes after Craig Ferguson left. Season 2 just wasn't as funny or enjoyable. I started to watch the 2 part "No Good Deed", and I was like - "NOPE!" That was it for me... out the DVR list you go.... No more TV Land... out of the Channel line up!
Tammy Montgomery
Posted 02/29/16 at 05:35:47

I liked it. Not everyones life is perfect and I agree it is interesting to see how people fit a family life in NYC. Besides, I am sooooooo sick of reruns of Raymond!!!!!!!!!!!!! They do need some new shows.
Doug Clarke
Posted 02/03/16 at 18:19:15

For normal people with common sense and at least a touch of real intelligence the jim gaffigan show is TOTALLY STUPID just like ALL THE "NEW" SHOWS ON TV LAND !!! "Comedy" writers of today are LOST and produce STUPIDITY instead of COMEDY!!! The best thing tv land is doing is running EVERYBODY LOVES RAYMOND !!!
James Vee
Posted 12/18/15 at 06:20:21

The 3 comments above are wrong. The Jim Gaffigan show is funny. I could do without Dave but if he is Jim's buddy in real life then bring him back to. I like Louie and Maron as well. These are comedians that do funny for a living so to see what their personal life is like off the stage is enjoyable to me.

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Genre: Comedy

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Jim Gaffigan (Jim)
Ashley Williams (Jeannie)
Adam Goldberg (Dave)
Michael Ian Black (Daniel)