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Truth Be Told

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Network: NBC

A comedy following two diverse couples and their outspoken opinions on life.

Mitch & Tracy and Russell & Angie are two couples that are not only neighbors, but best friends as well. As they live their lives side-by-side, they are compelled to analyze and voice their opinions on just about everything. Every topic is up for debate - from sex and race to what the new babysitter really does in her personal life.

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Posted 07/06/16 at 11:14:43

I love this show.
Posted 02/08/16 at 16:44:47

I think the show is cute and funny.
Posted 01/08/16 at 21:22:01

I love the show
Posted 09/03/15 at 16:04:32

They have been advertising it on TV the past week under Truth Be Told...someone needs to change it somewhere.
Posted 08/27/15 at 01:32:54

Or, maybe it was called Truth Be Told and then changed to People Are Talking. My search engine for DTV calls it Truth Be Told, airing on NBC on 10-16-2015.
Posted 08/27/15 at 01:28:44

I might be wrong, but I think the name of this show has been changed to Truth Be Told. Just a guess.
If the script writers are top-notch, and the cast well-selected, this show could be good, but truth be told, we'll just have to wait.
Posted 06/26/15 at 20:55:48

no no no

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Genre: Comedy

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Mark-Paul Gosselaar (Mitch)
Vanessa Lachey (Tracy)
Tone Bell (Russell)
Bresha Webb (Angie)