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Jun 01, 2015 - Present






Rachel - Shiri ApplebyQuinn - Constance ZimmerAdam - Freddie StromaJeremy - Josh Kelly

A drama following the production of a fictional dating competition show.

Rachel is the producer of a dating competition series called "Everlasting". As part of her job, she is tasked with manipulating relationships with, and among, the contestants in order to get the desired chaos and dramatic footage required by the show's executive producer. In the outrageous world of unscripted television, being a contestant can be tough but being a producer is a completely different reality.

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07/19/16 at 08:48am

Everything swordfish said...My Exact thoughts..Totally Agree
02/07/16 at 08:51pm

rachel just LOOKS dirty, like she would smell bad. they need to clean her up in order to make it be remotely believable that the most gorgeous men on the show are in love with her. she is boring, DRAB, disheveled and completely unfeminine. she actually is as pretty as the other girls on the reality show. ok, that said, this show had me hooked from the start, the behind the scene drama, betrayal, and overall debauchery are exciting to watch. yes, i am sure i am a worse person for having watched it, yes i feel dirty for continuing, but i just have to know what is going to happen next...
Wendi Staeckeler
12/16/15 at 02:48pm

When is unreal going to be back on air? Love the show. Can't wait untill it's back on.....Thank you..

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