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A comedic drama based on the novel of the same name by Pamela Redmond Satran.

Liza is a 40-year-old suddenly-single mother struggling to get back into the working world. Starting at the bottom at her age is a difficult task, but a chance encounter with a younger guy at a bar convinces Liza that she looks younger than her age. With the help of a makeover from her best friend, Liza uses her new found confidence to land a job as an assistant at a publishing firm, which could be the start of the career of her dreams.

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Posted 01/08/17 at 21:21:36

Sure you do April, I guess the laws of physics cease to exist in your world.
April Sunshine
Posted 03/15/16 at 06:03:42

@parish uh allot of 40 yr olds can pass BELIEVE me NO BODY thinks I'm my age and it's cause I take good care of my skin.
April Sunshine
Posted 03/15/16 at 06:01:36

I love love LOVE this show! It's great!
Posted 06/17/15 at 18:57:50

Me & my wife both like the show. The only reason we stared to watch it was because of Hilary Duff. But now, as we watch the show have more of draw into it than just her. Just, how does Sutton (a 40 y/o) pass as a 26 year old? I mean really? There isn't enough make up to do that but, the show is good. Just hate waiting until 2016 to see more!
Posted 06/13/15 at 09:32:02

This show is awesome. My boyfriend actually likes it too and he is super picky and normally doesn't watch girly stuff. I do think the people that are pissy about it are just pissy because they are self projecting and are unhappy with their own lives. This show is funny and if you are younger you can relate to the younger characters and if you are older you can relate to Liza. Also, they hit it dead on with how society is now. Very realistic. Hope it gets renewed.
Posted 06/09/15 at 08:47:47

Love the show Sutton is natural, intelligent looking and her acting is just right.
Debi and Miriam are a + to the show.
Hillary on the other hand should be cast as an extra on Barbie Doll.
Hope the show gets renewed.
Posted 06/06/15 at 04:52:35

ROSIE way to go. I love this show. I am a73 year old male and I get a kick out of watching it. People need to chill. Maybe its 40+ year old women who can not pass for a younger women that are not enjoying. Well the stats are in it is a hit and renewed for next year. MKL@ML
Posted 05/31/15 at 08:03:10

This show SHOULD BE CANCELLED! Trash like "Younger" is the reason I watch classic television on the internet. Where have all the values gone? "Younger" is a disgrace.
Posted 05/04/15 at 19:39:24

Please pull this trash off the air!!! Very disappointed this show HAS NOT been cancelled. Believe me, I DON'T watch!!! No one should. Total load of BS.
Posted 04/23/15 at 02:40:56

@monk_juice........your comment is what's known as judging a book by it's cover.
First, Hillary Duff isn't in the starring role in this series, she plays a supporting part. Sutton Foster has the lead role and is doing a really good job.
Second, this show is very enjoyable. It has great production values: the acting is top shelf, supported by a good script and the story line is believable. Sutton does a good job playing a woman who is 40 years of age playing a woman passing for 26. Her unfamiliarity with the social culture and terminology of the younger generation is fun to watch, as she works to fit in with the younger crowd of women at her office.
Miriam Shor is absolutely wonderful as the quirky boss, riding the edge of eccentric but knowing where the line is and not
stepping over it. It's hard for me to get into Debbie Mazar's character as she looks startingly similar to Rosie O'Donnell and even if you can ignore that her acting is flat.
So, all in all this show is A material; it's just a shame it's buried so far in the cableland channels.

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Genre: Comedy / Drama

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Sutton Foster (Liza)
Hilary Duff (Kelsey)
Debi Mazar (Maggie)
Miriam Shor (Diana)